Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Judd Is Back! Elissa Is HOH, Amanda Won POV? (UPDATES)
Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2013 CBS Broadcasting Inc    


Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Judd Is Back! Elissa Is HOH, Amanda Won POV? (UPDATES)

Karma! You beautiful thing. Mwah! Thanks for finally stopping by the Big Brother 15 house. And let the games really begin.

But first … sadly, it’s time to retire the #STFUHelen hashtag. At least until the BB15 finale. Can we petition for #STFUAmanda or maybe #GrowASpineAndyandAaryn?

Helen was voted out — 4 to 1 (thank you, Elissa, for breaking up the unanimous streak) — and she didn’t win her way back in during the August 22 live show. For the first time ever, a juror returned to the game, and it was Judd the stud. Judd beat Jessie, Candice, and Helen. (When she fell, Jessie spoke for most of us when she called out, “F-ck you, Amanda. I f-cking hate you!” Bless her sassy heart.)

When we met the ousted players in the gorgeous jury house, they shared their plans, should they return to the game. Jessie wanted to break up the alliance that took her down. Judd called Amanda "the devil" and said she needs holy water thrown on her. Candice wanted to take out birthday girl GinaMarie.

Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Judd Is Back! Elissa Is HOH, Amanda Won POV? (UPDATES)
Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2013 CBS Broadcasting Inc.    

Since Judd is back and Elissa is HOH, this week should be uncomfortable for Amanda and McCrae.


Two “Off the Hook” competitions were held at the same time: one for the jurors, one for the other houseguests. It was a baseball challenge that … barely started on TV. One set of balls came out and apparently hurt the HGs, then some water was hosed at them from the “broken” sprinkler system. You had to follow the live feeds to figure out the result. And yet the feeds were off for more than 20 minutes, even though this was arguably the most important competition of the season so far. The game went on for an hour and a half before a bunch of people fell off, Judd was declared winning juror, and Elissa won HOH.

Elissa is a beast when her tush is on the line, as last week's POV and this week's HOH have shown. May she continue on said path to the end. #TeamElissa ... and also #TeamJudd, as long as he doesn't run back into the arms of McCranda.

Before all that, Helen brought out the manipulation tears (again) in a last-ditch attempt to win over Andy to the “good” side. But Andy didn’t see Helen as “good” vs. Amanda as “evil.” Andy got lippy with Helen in a way he would never dare with Demanda. Demanda rules by fear — and by just sitting there in bed while Andy runs to her and whispers the house’s secrets.

Andy is a ginger-colored liar — sorry, Helen, but he lied to your face repeatedly — but is he still “likable” enough to win in the end? No one in the house seems to dislike him. What if the other options are Amanda, Aaryn or McCrae? Some people still like McCrae, but he’s propping up the “queen’s” monarchy. He is just as afraid of Amanda as Aaryn, and just as blindly loyal as Andy. He’ll never dump Amanda. He’ll complain about her, but that’s it.

Stay tuned for Friday (August 23) updates on Elissa's official HOH nominations. She has never gotten along with Aaryn, but she knows Amanda and McCrae are the power showmance couple in the house. Expect one of them to go up, if not both together.

Now that the game has been shaken and stirred, who do you want to win the whole thing? Judd? Elissa? Will GinaMarie join the anti-Amanda team?

UPDATE 1: It sounds like Elissa is leaning toward putting up McCrae and Aaryn. Not Amanda? Hmm. Maybe backdoor Amanda? Actually, it sounds like her hope is to take out Aaryn this week and target Amanda next week. But if McCrae is safe, he may use that time to weasel a guys's alliance with Andy, Spencer and Judd, no?

UPDATE 2: Yep, Elissa has nominated McCrae and Aaryn for eviction. What do you think about that? It's a bold move, no question, but is it a good idea to leave Queen Demanda's name off the list? Is targeting Aaryn the best plan? What happened to breaking up the showmance?

UPDATE 3: OK, maybe they will go after Amanda. Elissa, McCrae, Aaryn, Judd, GinaMarie and Amanda will be playing in the POV competition, which should be held at some point on Saturday (August 24). It sounds like the target may shift from Aaryn to Amanda, which would be good, although Aaryn is a sly player. You can't forget her or let her go too far. But if Elissa manages to backdoor Amanda, she shall be The Savior and Goddess of the Season.

UPDATE 4: Ugh! Amanda finally won something — POV, right when she and McCrae needed it. (Then again, why does it protect both of them? Why can't Amanda just go up if she takes him down?) Now Andy may be going up in McCrae's place. Thanks a lot, karma... Then again, if Andy or Aaryn leave (probably Aaryn), it would still be karma at work. And the 3AM alliance would be down to 2AM.

UPDATE 5: We have a new alliance — and Andy is included! No one ever learns with this guy. Andy, Judd, Spencer and GinaMarie plan to take down Amanda and McCrae, starting next week, and they are calling themselves "The Exterminators." Would you ever agree to an alliance with Andy? You just can't trust him. But he could win, unless all of his past allies call him out in the finals. Who else would win, from this four? Judd? Maybe, if he isn't ousted beforehand. Can you imagine GM winning this season?

UPDATE 6: It's official: Amanda used the Power of Veto on McCrae, and Elissa named Andy as the replacement nominee. Aaryn is probably going home on Thursday, yes? We'll see. It's only Monday at this point, and these HGs love to waste their time bullying each other, insulting each other's families, and drinking nail polish remover. (Seriously, Aaryn? And read all about Amanda's bullying of Elissa here.) What do you think of Elissa's decision to NOT to put up McCrae vs. Amanda? Aaryn was always her personal target (good idea? bad idea?) but now neither McCrae nor Amanda is in danger, and no deals can even be attempted. What's Elissa going to do next week? Was it smart or silly to not break up the power showmance when she could?

UPDATE 7: Angry fans posted a petition to CBS to remove Amanda from the BB house. Think it will work? She has threatened fellow HGs, but if those conspiracy theories are true, The Powers That Be won't do anything about it.

08.22.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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