Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Spencer Is HOH! McCrae Won POV, Who Was Evicted? (UPDATES)
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Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Spencer Is HOH! McCrae Won POV, Who Was Evicted? (UPDATES)

Spencer Clawson finally did something on Big Brother 15 besides sit in his official pawn chair or make a disgusting joke! On Week 11, Spencer won his very first Head of Household competition.

Here are the final five houseguests:

• Judd Daugherty

• GinaMarie Zimmerman

• Spencer Clawson

• McCrae Olson

• Andy Herren

Four of those people — Judd, GinaMarie, Spencer and Andy — are in the Exterminators alliance. But the guys are close to McCrae, so this could be a tough week for them no matter who gets exterminated.

Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Spencer Is HOH! McCrae Won POV, Who Was Evicted? (UPDATES)
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Spencer told his alliance that McCrae is definitely going up, they just had to decide who was going up next to him. Since he has these magical powers that defy logic, Andy once again got off scott free. Remember, he just betrayed McCrae and Amanda Zuckerman on Thursday to vote out Amanda, but McCrae still doesn’t know — and the Exterminators are keeping Andy’s secret.

Andy even “apologized” to the HGs for “voting to keep Amanda” since McCrae could overhear. When are they going to call him out? No time soon. In fact, Andy just got paid! As HoH, Spencer had to give three HGs punishments and one a prize. Since Spencer has that "I trust you/you trust me" deal with Andy, he gave Andy some money and also told him he’s not even an option for replacement nomination this week. “You’re final four with me.” See how Andy just floats through it all with ease?

Spencer told GinaMarie — whose tie-breaking vote sealed the Amanda deal — that it would be either her or Judd that goes up, with McCrae as the target. So GM could be going home if McCrae wins another POV.

GM also got punished by being chained to McCrae for 24 hours. GM just had a huge fight with McCrae’s house “wife” Amanda a couple of days ago, but GM and McCrae seem to be on decent terms themselves. Judd had to do periodic exercises as his punishment. Judd gets the worst punishments, have you noticed? All season. Remember that alarm clock? Lawd, that was torture.

Check back for updates, with details on who won POV and who will go up as replacement nominee. Don’t forget, Wednesday (September 11) is a special eviction episode.

What do you want to happen this week?

UPDATE 1: As expected, Spencer nominated McCrae and GinaMarie. Now we just have to see who wins POV.

UPDATE 2: McCrae won POV. Is he going to win everything from now on, now that he's actually trying? GM hurt her knee in the competition and needed stitches. She may end up going home, because the guys are worried that the all-girl (seriously, all-girl so far) jury would just hand her a win. That isn't true, though. I doubt they'd vote on gender lines. Candice wouldn't vote for GM, and Amanda probably wouldn't either. Judd is freaking out; he expects that he'll be going home. He may "sink his own ship" as Andy put it to GM. Andy is still running everything, even though everyone knows he could win in the end. (Unless he's up against McCrae?)

Anyway, Judd is probably going on the block to replace McCrae, but it's still not 100 percent clear if he will be the new target or if GM will be voted out. If she leaves, it will be an all-boys finals. But Judd is probably going to jury. Again. He really should've stayed loyal to Elissa Slater. Sigh. Team Julissa, you died too young!

UPDATE 3: As expected, at the Veto ceremony (held Monday, September 9), McCrae used the Veto to save himself and Spencer nominated Judd in his place. But Judd seems to have said some stuff about McCrae at Veto that made it clear he would be coming after McCrae. Apparently it was all for strategy and he didn't even mean it, but whatever he intended may have backfired. He still feels betrayed from his first eviction. Remember how McCrae sobbed after Judd was voted out, and said he hoped Judd was the MVP (he wasn't) 'cause otherwise he would feel awful about getting rid of his friend? Judd apparently felt closest to McCrae in the house and felt betrayed that McCrae never even gave him a heads-up that he was leaving. But Judd's speech today about McCrae really sealed the nail in his coffin. For whatever reason, Andy and Spencer are now closer to McCrae than their fellow Exterminator, and Judd's speech just made it easy for them to dump Judd and keep GM. So it's looking like J-u-double-d will be leaving us on Wednesday. All Judd wants is a heads-up that he might be leaving (again) but Andy and Spencer just keep lying. Tell the man the truth!

UPDATE 4: Judd is out. Sad face. And also ... frustrated face. Judd has to take a lot of blame for leaving. Maybe they would've dumped him anyway, but he did not do himself any favors. And now Andy is the new HOH. Sigh. Ugh. Sigh. Ugh. Sigh...

Andy gets away with everything!

I don't even know who to root for anymore

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