Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 1 Nominations, Veto Drama, Alliances Forming
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Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 1 Nominations, Veto Drama, Alliances Forming

In the premiere of Big Brother 15, America was introduced to this summer's crop of houseguests, made aware of this season's big twists, and saw McCrae Olson totally own the Head of Household competition, taking home the coveted key and power.

Since then, things have gotten crazy. As HOH, McCrae nominated Jessie, the 25-year-old unemployed Texas girl, and Candice, the 29-year-old pediatric speech therapist from New Orleans. It looks like he has it out for the girls!

One of the season's big twists is the addition of the MVP, voted by America, who has the SECRET power to nominate the third houseguest up for eviction. America got to vote for the first MVP based off of first impressions on the CBS site, and this week they chose... Elissa, the 27-year-old carbon copy of Big Brother all-star Rachel Reilly. With her power, Rachel nominated David, the 25-year-old lifeguard and surfer dude from California. It looks like she's going for perhaps the biggest physical and social threat in the game.

When it came to the Power of Veto competition, HOH McCrae came out on top, and theories were swirling around about whether or not he would use the power to remove someone off the block and try to back-door Elissa or keep the nominations the same. Well, McCrae ended up using the veto to save Candice and nominated Elissa in her place. He's definitely putting himself at risk here with that decision, because if she were to stay, Elissa would come after him for sure.

But now there is a growing divide in the house, and it may be Elissa's saving grace. The two camps have emerged as the Blonde-tourage — or, derogatively, as Bieber Fever. They're the younger crowd, mostly people who haven't seen the show before and don't understand the rules. They are led by David and Aaryn — who are ALREADY in a showmance. It also includes Jessie, Kaitlin and GinaMarie, plus Nick and Jeremy, though both of those guys are part of the Moving Company and working as double agents covertly with McCrae, Spencer and Howard.

The rest of the house is conspiring to get David out of the house and to keep Elissa around because they believe she'll win MVP every week because of her ties to Rachel. If they keep her and bring her into their alliance, they'll be able to control the third nomination every week and knock out the Blonde-tourage in no time.

Tune in Wednesday at 8 p.m. to see who is evicted, and come back here for more Big Brother 15 spoilers!

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