Big Brother 15 Recap: Judd Daugherty Evicted (Again) — His Own Fault?
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Big Brother 15 Recap: Judd Daugherty Evicted (Again) — His Own Fault?

Bear-shirt lovin' Judd Daugherty is the resident zombie of Big Brother 15 — they killed him once, but he came right back to life. But was he put down again on Week 11?

Big Brother 15 Recap: Judd Daugherty Evicted (Again) — His Own Fault?
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UPDATE (9/11/13): Yep, RIP bear shirt — Part 2.

Dang it, Judd. Are you sad? Do you feel sorry for him?

You could certainly argue he did this to himself with his J-U-Double-Dumb choices and bad post-POV attitude. Self-sabotage alert! But you could also argue he was one of the few people in the house kinda-sorta worth rooting for. Earlier this week on the live feeds, all the poor Southern boy wanted was a heads-up that he was leaving, probably because he was blindsided the first time he was evicted. Back then, he was betrayed by his buddy McCrae Olson — partly because Amanda Zuckerman was sure Judd was the MVP (he wasn’t; we were) — and it happened again on Week 11. Judd got dumped in a second unanimous vote. That's what you get when you threaten one of the two people who could save you.

Should he have stayed loyal to Elissa Slater? We were so fond of Team Julissa for its brief day in the sun. Then again, Elissa had no alliance beyond Judd, and it seemed like a smart move for Judd to save himself by joining The Exterminators. A final four deal > a final two deal. Plus, Elissa had a better shot at winning against Judd in the finals. Judd had a much better shot at beating Andy Herren, Spencer Clawson or GinaMarie Zimmerman. The downside of that is, they knew that. And they were shady. And one should never trust Andy with anything. So he was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t.

Judd was the low man on the Exterminator totem pole. When Spencer was Head of Household and superhero McCrae saved himself with the Power of Veto, they chucked Judd out and kept GinaMarie. Andy, of course, just floated along and was never even considered an option to leave, even though he's the one everyone should be going after. (Side note: Poor Ian Terry during that POV comp. If it doesn't work with Nick, maybe GM will try with him?)

There was debate on the live feeds over evicting GM vs. Judd. GM was considered a better option to keep, especially since she was injured during the POV competition and she was viewed as someone who might be easy to beat in future comps. Andy was convinced Judd would win it all in the end, and maybe he would. Andy still seems to be running the game, so if Andy wanted to keep GM and send out Judd, it was basically a done deal. Of course Andy cried again after dumping him. Andy...

The Exterminators were probably going to evict Judd even if he hadn’t quit in the middle of the POV comp, pitched a fit, made his big speech against McCrae, or filled the house with paranoia. But his post-Veto actions just gave the others an excuse to get rid of him. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies.

Now Judd is rooting for GM to win ... but he made a speech for "reverse psychology" saying he was supporting a Spencer/Andy final two. The way this kid thinks! Hey, maybe it will work. He also said Elissa's mind kept changing and that's one reason he couldn't stay with her.

Who are you rooting for now that the final four is Spencer, Andy, GinaMarie and McCrae? Isn’t it great that The Exterminators alliance was set up to exterminate rats and snakes but they are the biggest rats and snakes in the house? Sigh.

Double D toasted himself

No! I wanted Judd to stay

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