Big Brother 15: Who Do You Want to Win? Judd? GinaMarie? McCrae? Anyone? (POLL)
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Big Brother 15: Who Do You Want to Win? Judd? GinaMarie? McCrae? Anyone? (POLL)

Spoilers ahead! Big Brother 15 Week 11 HoH and POV spoilers referenced.

Is it just us or is it getting hard to find someone to root for on Big Brother 15? It’s been tough all season, but this is one of the downsides of being able to watch people 24/7 — no one is perfect all the time, and even the “heroes” have un-heroic moments.

BB15 is currently down to the final five houseguests: Judd Daugherty, GinaMarie Zimmerman, Spencer Clawson, McCrae Olson, and Andy Herren.

There will be a special eviction episode on Wednesday, September 11 to take us to the final four. The next day, there will be a live eviction to bring us to final three. Everything comes to a close on Wednesday, September 18 finale night. At this point (Saturday, September 8), Spencer Clawson is Head of Household and even though he originally put up McCrae and GinaMarie, McCrae won Power of Veto. GM is injured and there’s some debate over whether she might be “broken” enough to keep around and beat later on. Otherwise, it’s looking like Judd may go up and out.

Who do you want to win, at this point? Anyone?

• Elissa Slater was a fan favorite, and after she left Judd looked like he might be viewers’s favorite to win. But even Judd has rough moments. Like not staying loyal to Elissa. (What happened to Team Julissa? They had that deal for a while...) He also acted like a sore loser after losing this week's Veto, and he’s on his way to sabotaging his own game.

• It’s hard to root for GM, even as the final girl in the house, because of all the nasty things she’s said about Candice Stewart’s adoption, Elissa’s son, the racist comments, etc.

Spencer is the ultimate pawn and he’s done almost nothing but sit in that spot on the couch while the game happens around him. When he's not doing nothing, he's making sick jokes about things like kiddie porn.

McCrae spent 90 percent of the game in bed with Amanda, letting her be the bad cop to his limp noodle cop. It may have been a smart strategy to hang back like that, but he’s guilty by association. McCraven cowered before Demanda and it’s hard to suddenly root for him to win.

Andy is looking like a good bet to win, especially since everyone in the house seems to know they can’t beat him but they don’t want to put him up anyway. He, Spencer and McCrae seem to be particularly tight. But Andy is not only a rat, he’s the one person in this house who hasn’t been called out for anything. Even Judd was called out for whatever perceived things he’d done to get evicted the first time. Andy could murder someone in the house and everyone would console him because he'd be crying about how hard it was for him to kill this person he just loved so much. It's tough, as viewers, to just watch him lie and lie and get away with it.

Who are you rooting for, out of the remaining HGs? ... Anyone? ... Bueller...?

I'm just waiting for this season to end

I'm still hoping for a good ending!

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