Big Brother 15: Elissa Slater Wins America’s Favorite Houseguest! Good Call?
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Big Brother 15: Elissa Slater Wins America’s Favorite Houseguest! Good Call?

UPDATE: Yes, Elissa won! She gets the $25,000. Deal with it, Andy. You got a lot more than that. (On the live feeds, Andy was begging America not to vote for Elissa.)

Original story:

Pick your poison! Someone will win Big Brother 15 — and $500,000 — but we have no say in that. (Although you can still vote for who you’d like to win.) America’s Favorite Houseguest is another story, though, and that includes more than two options.

BB15 had 16 houseguests, and we’re guessing Elissa will win America’s Favorite. If not her, maybe Judd or Howard. But who should win, in your opinion? Here are the 16 options and a refresher of who the heck they are and what they did during the season.

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David Girton — Best remembered for his surfer hair and brief showmance with Aaryn. One and only victim of the Moving Company alliance.

Nick Uhas — CEO of now defunct Moving Company. Still worshipped by GinaMarie, who talks about him non-stop and believes they will be married someday. We'll see.

Jeremy McGuire — The arrogant "Cherokee" who showmanced Kaitlin and turned the house against himself and his Mean Girl Blonde-Tourage. Remember his wine rant?

Kaitlin Barnaby — Smart but paired with Jeremy and fellow Mean Girls, and not able to save herself like Aaryn and GM.

Howard Overby — Friend to Candice and Spencer, often the voice of reason, perceived as a threat even though he wasn’t good at comps, brought down by Moving Company lies and Amanda's obsession with getting rid of him.

Candice Stewart — Looks cute in a clown suit, fought with Aaryn and GM, known for being outspoken — which didn't help her much, but at least she called out some people. She was also the first one to notice that the boys were aligning early in the season.

Judd Daugherty — Bear shirt papa, funny Southern guy, surprise eviction when the HGs thought he was the MVP and ... he did other "shady" stuff to be voted out but it happened so quickly it was hard to understand. Pretended to like Jessie, and got kissy-face with Aaryn. Won his way back into the game, partnered briefly with Elissa before joining The Exterminators.

Jessie Kowalski — Originally known for really wanting to be in a showmance. With anyone. Paired with Judd briefly, then bounced around depending on who was nice to her. Ultimately called out the powers in the house in an awesome rant that helped lead to Helen's eviction.

Helen Kim — Part of the Mom Squad with buddy Elissa. A power player for the first half of the game, but a too-obvious one. She was taken out by her former ally Aaryn, leaving Amanda in charge of the house. Cried a little too much and had fake cheerleader moments, but at least she wasn't a floater.

Aaryn Gries — Good at competitions, but ended up a puppet of the 3AM alliance. Victim of her season-long rivalry with Elissa and also a betrayal by Amanda, McCrae and Andy. McCranda chose to stay loyal to Andy instead of Aaryn, who had done all their dirty work for them. Called out by Julie Chen for her racist/homophobic comments from early in the season.

Amanda Zuckerman — An emotional basket-case who bullied others and cried whenever they dared to respond. But "Demanda" easily manipulated people and maintained control of the house for a long time. Her showmance mate, McCrae, lasted longer since she was the bad cop to his ... less-bad cop.

Elissa Slater — First known as BB winner Rachel Reilly's sister. That helped her to win MVP for three weeks, before The Powers That Be realized it was kind of a lousy twist. Part of the Mom Squad with Helen. Took out her rival Aaryn, then tried to make a deal with Amanda and McCrae but they were betrayed by Andy. Taken out after Amanda in double elimination, by unanimous vote. She just didn't have any trustworthy allies after Helen.

GinaMarie Zimmerman — A loud-mouth, but a funny one, and she has to be given credit for getting Amanda out of the house. She was the one to finally put Amanda and McCrae on the block together. She talks a lot of truth, but she's also made some horrible racist and just cruel personal attacks against Candice and Elissa. But at least she gave it right back to Amanda.

Spencer Clawson — Played most of his game from his official pawn chair, and he now has the record for the most times on the block. Was part of Moving Company and aligned with Howard, and managed to survive because he was never perceived as much of a threat. Makes disgusting jokes and, like a lot of the male HGs, likes to disparage women.

McCrae Olson — Won the first HOH and POV competitions of the season and was part of Moving Company before deciding to put all his attention on Amanda. Spent most of the game in bed with her, trying to calm her down when she raged at people. But when his butt was on the line, he won some competitions, and when she was gone he tried to distance himself from her game.

Andy Herren — Zingbot called him a pale ghost floater, but he's the ultimate rat. He spent most of the game popping into every conversation in the house to gather intel, then took it back to Amanda, who would then target the people who were talking. Andy eventually turned on Amanda and formed a new alliance called The Exterminators, but she didn't know it until his farewell speech to her via video. Made deals with everyone and was liked by all, despite his lies and two-faced behavior. Savvy player.

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I hope it's not Elissa, she doesn't deserve it

I think it will be Elissa too

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