Big Brother 15: Who Left in Week 10 Double Eviction?
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Big Brother 15: Who Left in Week 10 Double Eviction?

Hide the bear shirt, another dreaded double dump is coming to Big Brother 15! On Thursday, September 5, two of the final seven houseguests will be leaving. (If you need a refresher before Thursday's ep, check out our recap of what went down on Wednesday's episode.)

Here are the seven: Elissa Slater, Amanda Zuckerman, Andy Herren, McCrae Olson, GinaMarie Zimmerman, Judd Daugherty, and Spencer Clawson.

On the August 29 show, Julie Chen said there will be a surprise extra competition for the HGs that we'll learn about on Sunday, September 1. So it’s hard to really know what the heck is going to happen. The last time we had a double eviction, Judd got the boot. Could it happen twice?

Andy, Spencer, Judd and GM have a new final four alliance called The Exterminators, but if either McCrae or Amanda wins HoH, you know Andy will keep running to them as their floater puppet, even if it’s just until he can help get them out. Judd and Elissa supposedly have a deal together, and GM has been close to Elissa, but Elissa may be an “easy” target this week, and we’re not dealing with the most bold group when it comes to action. Sure, they’ll talk a good game, but then it all falls apart.

It'd be perfect for Amanda & McCrae to go home, with McCranda folding one after the other. But, if we had to guess, we’d say ... Elissa and McCrae will be the evicted HGs on Week 10. Do you have a guess?

UPDATE 1: GinaMarie won HoH! Never mind on Elissa, at least for the first boot. Amanda, of course, wants her to target Elissa, but GM is now with The Exterminators, and she's been pushing to put up McCrae and Amanda. If one of them goes home first, we might actually see the other follow. But if, say, McCrae leaves first and Amanda magically wins HoH on double eviction night, it's possible Elissa could be leaving. In the meantime ... go GM, go! We'll forgive her for some of her awful comments if she manages to oust McCranda. Just don't blame Texas later...

UPDATE 2: McCrae won Power of Veto, and he's planning to use it on himself. So he won't be the first boot. It's looking like Amanda is almost definitely boot #1 on double eviction week. (Hee hee!) But McCrae could still go second, depending on how this plays out. Then again, he is very motivated now, more than he was before when he just let Amanda do all the work.

UPDATE 3: McCrae saved himself with the POV, and GM nominated Spencer as the pawn. He's not going anywhere. It's looking like Amanda will truly be the first evicted houseguest. Plan your Thursday night party accordingly. But it may be bittersweet, since it sounds like the house is split on the next boot. It could be Elissa instead of McCrae.

UPDATE 4: Sheesh, never mind on supporting Elissa! This makes absolutely no sense, but Elissa randomly cut a final three deal with Amanda and McCrae, and she's now planning to vote for Spencer to leave. Elissa now wants to keep Amanda, so she, Amanda, McCrae and Andy can be final four. But Andy has The Exterminators, and he told the group about Elissa's about-face. Andy still plans to vote out Amanda, but now he's planning to frame Elissa so it looks like she's the one who lied and voted for Amanda to leave. Whatever happens now, Elissa is pretty screwed. WHY would she make that awful deal with the woman who bullied her?!

LIVE EVICTION UPDATE 1: Yep, Amanda was the first to leave on the Week 10 live show. She first suspected Elissa had betrayed her, but Andy revealed the truth — and named his fellow Exterminators — in his farewell video. She was pissed at Andy, but she'll get over it. People can't seem to stay mad at Andy. Amanda told Julie Chen that McCrae will move to Florida to be with her. She also hates bullies. But at least she did say she regretted bullying Elissa.

LIVE EVICTION UPDATE 2: McCrae won the mini HOH, and immediately put up Elissa and GM. Judd won POV and did not change the nominations. Elissa was voted out unanimously. Poor Elissa. She deserved better, but she was really on her own after Helen left. She was kinda close with Judd and then GM, but not close enough. She practically ran out the door when she was evicted. And even she didn't realize Andy betrayed the deal! Is Andy really that good an actor?

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