Big Brother 15’s Julie Chen: Expect a ‘No-Floater Summer’
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Big Brother 15’s Julie Chen: Expect a ‘No-Floater Summer’

This week, Julie Chen revealed yet another spoiler for the upcoming 15th season of CBS's Big Brother.

In an "as me anything" chat with fans, longtime host Julie was dropping hints about this summer's big twist. When a fan asked for a "juicy hint" for Big Brother 15, Julie responded: "The twist makes it a no-floater summer! #BigBrother." Sure, she answered and gave us something to think about, but she only created a million more questions!!

Floaters have been been crucial parts of the game for all previous 14 seasons, so what will this season be like without them? And how is the game going to ensure that there won't be any of them? Is there going to be a twist that eliminates them all or is there going to be a team aspect to this season? We're going crazy with all the possibilities. How will we survive to the June 26th premiere?

This will definitely make this season interesting, especially with this season being bigger, lasting longer, and full of new housemates.

Big Brother is only staying true to their motto: "Expect the unexpected." Looks like nobody will be getting a free ride to the end of the game this season.

How do you think this season will go down without floaters and how do you think they'll make sure there aren't any of them? Speculate below!

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06.15.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Carson Blackwelder
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