Big Brother 16 Week 5: Frankie HOH; Amber Evicted; Donny Declines Team America Mission
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Big Brother 16 Week 5: Frankie HOH; Amber Evicted; Donny Declines Team America Mission

Zankie is in charge in Big Brother 16, Week 5! This should be interesting.

Who will be the fifth houseguest evicted, following poor Brittany Martinez out the door? We’ll find out on Thursday, July 31. (See below for live feeds updates)

During the HOH competition on July 24, the HGs had to listen to some cheesy country music songs to decipher whether the lyrics were addressing past HOH, BOB or POV comps.

The four finalists were Christine Brecht, Derrick Levasseur, Frankie Grande, and Zach Rance, who are all part of the same Detonators alliance. Derrick let Frankie win as one of the HOHs so he could see a photo of his late grandfather. It was kind of Derrick, but also not really hurtful to his own game. Derrick is running the show, and Frankie is close to him, so he had nothing to lose. Zach ended up the second HOH, so it’s a Zankie/Zrankie royalty week.

Big Brother 16 Week 5: Frankie HOH; Amber Evicted; Donny Declines Team America Mission
Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.    

Who will they nominate? Well, it’s not looking good for the non-Detonators, but it’s possible they could go for a Caleb Reynolds backdoor move. It’s been discussed, but we know it’s been discussed before too. (Hint, hint, Cody.) Zach would be willing to go through with it (maybe) but would Frankie follow through to blindside one of his old Bomb Squad buddies?

It's most likely that the usual suspects will go back on the block: Victoria Rafaeli, Jocasta Odom, and Donny Thompson — and also possibly Amber Borzotra. And maybe Nicole Franzel. Just all the girls, as usual, plus Donny, who is like Charlie with his Angels. Yawn. Please make a big move, someone. Anyone! Flip this dang house!

(Oh, and at some point, Team America has to get two people to fight at the nomination or Veto ceremony. That was the winning choice. It should be easy for Frankie to get Zach to fight with someone, since Zach gets bored easily and lives to troll/stir the pot. Prediction: Zach vs. Victoria.)

Stay tuned for updates on the four nominees, the Battle of the Block results, the official Head of Household, the Power of Veto competition, and the final nominees.

Who do you want to see nominated this week? Do you hope they backdoor Caleb? Think it'll happen, or will they go for an "easier" target like Jocasta or Victoria?

UPDATE 1: The nomination ceremony will be held today (Friday, July 25) but last night Frankie and crazy Zach Attack were discussing their plans. It's never a good idea to put too much stock in what Zach says, since he could change his mind on a dime (or he might've been kidding) but at this point both Frankie and Zach say they'd like to backdoor Amber. Frankie is going for the boring move of putting up Jocasta and Victoria (again). Zach told Derrick, Frankie, Hayden and Cody that he's putting up Nicole and Christine. That at least is a bold move, since Christine is part of the Bomb Squad. But how frustrating that it's ALL GIRLS again. This will be made official later today, or the plan could be demolished and they could do something else.

UPDATE 2: It's official. Frankie nominated Jocasta and Victoria, and Zach nominated Christine and Nicole. Power-tripping Zach, of course, made a whole speech during the nomination ceremony, because Zach loves attention. (He seems to dislike girls and adore himself, but least he's not boring, bless him.) Now we have to see who'll win Battle of the Block and who'll be dethroned as HOH. If Frankie stays HOH, do you think he might backdoor Zach, just for being so out there, or would he go for Amber?

Big Brother 16 Week 5: Frankie HOH; Amber Evicted; Donny Declines Team America Mission
Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.    

UPDATE 3: Nicole and Christine won The Battle of the Block, so Zach was dethroned as HOH. Frankie is the HOH. This is his first final HOH of the season. He's been the almost-HOH two other times. But that leaves Jocasta and Victoria on the block (again). Now we have to see who wins POV and if it will be used. They may try to backdoor Amber, or someone else.

UPDATE 4: In tragic news, another Houseguest has lost his grandfather. Big Brother shared a letter with Derrick. Can you believe it? Right after Frankie's grandpa died.

UPDATE 5: The Power of Veto comp was held Saturday (July 26) and Hayden won POV. Frankie wants to backdoor Amber (why not Caleb, blame him not her!) so Hayden may save Victoria to put Amber next to Jocasta. Apparently Christine is partly responsible for the target on Amber, since Amber dared to suggest that the women wake up and notice how the men keep putting up women, and maybe they should try to take out some of the men. Well! HOW. DARE. SHE. Obviously Christine had to be a good little girl and rat to the boys, who continued to target the girls. (Head pat for little Christine. Don't worry, girl, they'll dump you soon enough. Zach already thinks you haven't done enough, even though you're the one who told The Detonators that Amber wants to target Zach.) Big Brother is just not a good show for feminists. This is closer to a torches-and-pitchforks "burn the witches!" crowd. Anyway, the POV ceremony will be held Monday, July 28. Stay tuned for what happens. Zach plans to try and destroy Amber, the way he tried to destroy "Fruit Loop Dingus" Nicole.

UPDATE 6: It's official: During Monday's POV ceremony, Hayden used the Veto on Victoria, and Frankie nominated Amber in her place. Amber or Jocasta will be the fifth HG evicted from BB16. Amber knows the guys planned this. But can she save herself? It does not look likely. It may be another unanimous eviction. Even Caleb has turned against her. He angrily confronted Frankie about putting Amber up under false pretenses, after the false rumor spread that Amber blew up the "alliance" to Nicole. Frankie seemed to convince Caleb that Amber was just deceiving him, about her feelings for him and everything else. But Amber also got mad at Caleb for ruining her game (which is true) and openly said her target is now Caleb, not Zach. That didn't help her cause, not that it could really hurt her cause since she was toast the second she lost POV. As a sidenote: Go Victoria. No one gives her credit for anything, but she's been on the block repeatedly and she's saved herself through comps, and now through a friend (Hayden).

UPDATE 7: A new curveball was thrown: Wednesday night, America voted for the next Team America mission. As usual, the options weren't that favorable to the HGs. America chose option A, to vote against the majority, but Team America also has to accuse two people for the votes, on tonight's July 31 live show, before playing for Week 6 HOH. Normally we'd love forcing the group to vote against the majority, but in this case they all want to vote out Amber — including Donny, because his best friend in the game is Jocasta — and calling someone out could hurt their game and another player's game. Donny said they should decline the mission, even if it means losing $5,000. So Frankie basically turned on him and now wants Donny out of the house. Poor Donny. Good for him for standing up for his own game, even if it WOULD be nice to see someone vote against the majority. Why couldn't the mission be done for next week's vote?

UPDATE 8: On Thursday, July 31, Amber was voted out over Jocasta. Once again, it was unanimous. Team America's mission was to vote against the majority, but Donny didn't want to vote for Jocasta to leave, then call out someone else for doing it. Good for him for protecting his own game (and character) but these unanimous evictions are a snoozefest. Find out what happens in Week 6 right over here.

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