Big Brother 15’s David Girton Claims Aaryn Gries is Not Racist
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Big Brother 15’s David Girton Claims Aaryn Gries is Not Racist

Now that surfer dude David isn't stuck inside the Big Brother house, he is now able to catch up on the show and see just where he went wrong.

Being the first one evicted is never fun, but David says he's glad he went on Big Brother. "I had a blast getting to know Aaryn, glad I got the hottest girl in the house," David said. "But I wish I would've stayed on longer and showed America the true side of David, America thinks I'm just this dumb blonde surfer dude, you know?"

Speaking of Aaryn, David said he hopes she avenges him in the house this week and can count on Jeremy or Kaitlin next week since she cannot win HOH again.

When the game is over, David said he would love to see his showmance continue. "Oh yeah, I want to get to know Aaryn outside the house," he said. "On my ride back down to San Diego, I was crying. I wish I could've gotten to know this girl better. It was too short of notice for me to get to know her. I miss her every day. I definitely want to get to know her better. She's the girl I've been waiting for — a girl from Texas, Southern comfort, conservative, with big dreams in her heart."

Big heart, eh? That's not exactly what everyone else is saying about her these days. What does David have to say about her racist and homophobic rants?

"To tell you the truth, that blew my ever-loving mind," he said. "Aaryn's not that type of girl at all. I was never around her when she said that, I didn't know she had that in her. I think she's just saying that because she's pissed off at the house. She's not that type of person at all. You're mad and you stay stuff you shouldn't say on camera. People can say stuff 'cause they're mad that they don't really mean. ... They're gonna get a wide-awakening when they leave the house. It's pretty harsh the way America's been treating them."

What do you think? Has America been treating Aaryn (and GinaMarie) fairly? Sound off in the comments.

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07.9.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Carson Blackwelder
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