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It’s only natural for relationships to form when you’re trapped in a house all summer with strangers. There will be friendships, rivalries, and — if you’re lucky — romance. So far this season on Big Brother 16, there has been a lot of flirtation between the hot young guys and gals, but what’s this we hear about a budding relationship between Devin Shepherd and Brittany Martinez?

Credit: CBS

According to Big Brother Leak, Christine Brecht spilled the beans to Brittany about Devin’s crush on her, leading Brittany reveal that she’s not cool with that. “It weirds me out,” she said. “It’s scary.” Apparently, Christine then said that Devin and Caleb Reynolds — you know, the country dude who liked and was totally shot down by Amber Borzotra — are “creepy with girls.”

Sounds like we’ve got another failed attempt at a showmance on our hands — with even Frankie Grande and Zach Rance (bromance or showmance, whatever) hitting a wall this week. (Don’t worry, they’re apparently cuddling again.) Given all the chatter in the house about Devin’s feelings for Brittany, it was inevitable that the news would get back to him.

“Dude, I don’t think I’m her [Brittany’s] type,” Devin told Caleb. “All I do is lay down and think of her.” Creepy, right? According to Big Brother Updates, Devin goes on to tell Caleb that now he feels vulnerable that he revealed his crush on Brittany and that now he is playing it cautiously.

If these guys keep it up it’s only a matter of time before the girls start to rally against the guys they think are creepy. Seeing as how that’s Devin and Caleb right now — two of the strongest guys in the house and two Head of Household winners — this could be a big move in what may hopefully be the creation of the all-girls alliance that evicted houseguest Joey Van Pelt tried so hard to form during Week 1.

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