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This season of Big Brother has one contestant with huge celebrity ties. We are of course talking about Frankie Grande and the fact that he’s the big brother of one of the hottest pop stars on the charts today: Ariana Grande. He’s stayed mum on his family connections so far this season, but does Frankie ever plan on letting the cat out of the bag?

“I’m not going to tell a soul about my sister,” Frankie told We Love Big Brother in his pre-show interview. “It’s not about her; the game has nothing to do with her. It’s myself in that house.”

If you ask us, Frankie is making a pretty smart decision here. It’s already hard enough to play Big Brother — let alone win it — when you’re balancing a strategic, strong, and social game all at the same time. The obvious reason to stay quiet about his little sis is that his fellow competitors might think he doesn’t deserve the $500K grand prize at the end of the summer, and Frankie is well aware of that threat.

“People equate fame with money and money with access,” he continued. “So if they think that I have a famous sister, then I automatically am rich and I automatically have access, so then why would I need to win the show? She lives her own life and I live my own life. We are best friends but it’s not like she’s writing me a check, you know?”

We hope Frankie sticks with his plan and stays quiet about his famous family. After all, if he’s going to walk away with the money, it would be even sweeter to do so and then reveal his secret to everyone.

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Source: We Love Big Brother

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