Big Brother’s Britney Haynes Posts Updates on Baby’s Cancer Treatment
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Big Brother’s Britney Haynes Posts Updates on Baby’s Cancer Treatment

We were in shock last month when Big Brother fan favorite Britney Haynes Godwin of BB12 and BB14, announced that her daughter Tilly was diagnosed with cancer. Little Tilly, born in mid-July, wasn't even 2 months old.

Big Brother fans immediately reached out with prayers and support. Britney thanked fans and promised to update on Tilly's status through blog posts. At this point, she's shared two blogs on Together for Tilly, one on September 27 and the second on October 2, with the second including an address for fans to send cards and other good wishes to Tilly.

As Britney explained toward the start of the first post, "My little girl was 7 weeks and 1 day old when we rushed her to the emergency room. We had been making regular visits to the pediatrician for weeks trying to figure out why she seemed so unwell. I researched like a crazy person for answers, but everything that I found pointed to 'normal baby behavior' and I was constantly reassured that she would grow out of this 'fussy phase.' I held onto those words while we waited for answers. We found out at 4am on Labor Day that she had cancer. It was shocking to say the least. Cancer hadn’t been a consideration, not even a worse-case scenario. I don’t like to think/talk about a single minute of those 24 hours. I know that I had never truly been heartbroken in my life until that moment. I had never really felt helpless. I had never really known what it was like to cry. That was the first time that I learned what those things really felt like."

Britney continued, "Tilly started chemotherapy within 26 hours of being diagnosed. She had biopsy surgery the following day and recovered from both like a champion! After 2 1/2 weeks we got to spend a few days at home before we went back for her 2nd round of chemo. She is still on the mend from that now but is doing well. I am so proud of her. She inspires me with her strength and keeps me going. Many times I would have probably crumbled if she wasn’t smiling."

It's so hard to even imagine going through that pain, In her second post, Britney mentioned that Tilly has started to lose her hair. "The first day that I noticed was really hard on me. She was born with super thick, dark hair and I have been jealous of it every day since. In fact, at my last ultrasound appointment when I was pregnant the tech told us that she had tons of hair and gave us a picture of it (not that we could tell what it was). I will definitely miss it. However, I know that it is just a temporary loss and is necessary for her to get better. She will still have her gorgeous eyes, dimples, and smile, but we are definitely going to have to step up our headband/bow game! "

Britney said she also learned that another little one in her area was diagnosed with cancer, and her heart broke for the family. She thanked fans, and her husband, for their continued support, and shared a P.O. Box address for fans who requested a way to send well-wishes to Tilly:

Tilly’s P.O. Box:

Tilly Godwin

PO Box 1677

Owasso, OK 74055

Britney said she would save all of the cards to show to Tilly someday. Our fingers are crossed for good health news from now on. Stay strong, sweet Tilly!

Source: Together For Tilly