Big Brother’s Julie Chen Underwent Plastic Surgery to Make Her “Eyes Look Bigger” (VIDEO)
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Big Brother’s Julie Chen Underwent Plastic Surgery to Make Her “Eyes Look Bigger” (VIDEO)

Julie Chen has been pulling double duty all summer, splitting her time between hosting what is perhaps the most controversial season of Big Brother ever and pleasing daytime viewers on The Talk. But this week, Julie spilled some major dirt about her shocking plastic surgery.

On the September 11 episode of The Talk, Julie revealed that the beginning of her career was riddled with dead-ends due to her Chinese-American heritage, which led her to get surgery to make her eyes bigger.

After getting negative feedback at her job in Dayton, Ohio, Julie said that she started meeting with big-time agents for career advice, but unfortunately the advice didn’t waver. “I cannot represent you unless you get plastic surgery to make your eyes look bigger,” Julie recalled the agent saying.

“It takes about a year to heal before it really just sets in,” Julie said about the recovery process. “I mean, afterwards, they were swollen.”

Then, Sheryl Underwood asked her how it makes her feel about herself today.

Julie said she has always wondered about this decision “After I had that done, the ball kind of did roll for me. I struggle with, wow, ‘Did I give into the man?’”

“You didn’t give into the man,” Sheryl said. “You made a choice that was good for you, and you have represented, I’m going to say it, you’re people, you represented your race, women, and your colleagues. Don’t look back.”

In true gal pal fashion, the women rallied behind Julie. Collective aww alert!

“I don’t like to live with regrets. I did it. I moved on. No one’s more proud of being Chinese than I am.” You do you, girl!

What do you think about Julie Chen’s huge plastic surgery secret? Watch the video below, then hit the comments and tell us if support her decision or think she gave in too easily.

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