Big Tips Texas: Glitter and Bodypaint for “Anything But Clothes Night” (VIDEO)
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Big Tips Texas: Glitter and Bodypaint for “Anything But Clothes Night” (VIDEO)

Big Tips Texas aired Season 1, Episode 5 on Wednesday night, and the new MTV reality show delivered just what we were expecting: catfights, drama, sexy outfits, and tons of glitter.

“ABC night is the biggest night of the year for Redneck Heaven,” Typhani explained to the cameras. “It’s Anything But Clothes party, and it’s the biggest party Redneck Heaven throws every year.”

Glitter and body paint are everywhere. Cameras roll as layer after layer of paint is applied, and the girls on staff are wearing little else. That means MTV censors are in overdrive, covering up all the naughty bits with black boxes or blurring.

“So have you done the body painting before?” a makeup artist asks as he sprays one gal with glittery gold body paint. The response? “Yes, I love it. I love to be naked.”

Cue the eyerolls. Clearly, plenty of these girls don’t get along, and the drama came out in full force during the party.

Not that the girls didn’t see it coming. “Everybody’s working tonight,” Claire tells Amber as the two get ready beforehand. “Everybody that hates each other,” Amber adds.

Elsewhere, the other girls are worrying about all the drama that is about to go down and rightfully so. Come for the eye candy. Stay to watch all the catfights!

Source: MTV

10.24.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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