Big Tips Texas: Morgan and Mimi Huge Bar Brawl — Over Chance!
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Big Tips Texas: Morgan and Mimi Huge Bar Brawl — Over Chance!

Last week on Big Tips Texas, the girls of Redneck Heaven got into a gigantic bar brawl — with girl after girl wailing on new waitress Mimi. The reason? The girls were convinced that Mimi was trying to steal Morgan's boyfriend, Chance. 

Big Tips Texas: Morgan and Mimi Huge Bar Brawl — Over Chance!
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The thing is, Mimi has barely even spoken to Chance. So in the aftermath of the fight during this week's Season 1, Episode 5, the girls did a bit of talking to get to the bottom of what went down. 

As it turns out, Mimi more or less said, "Cowboys are pretty hot." Fellow waitress Kristyn overheard, and from what she could tell, it sounded like Mimi was describing Morgan's cowboy boyfriend, Chance, to a tee.

Morgan was not happy, to say the least. As she and Chance flirted in the barn later, Morgan made it very clear that she thought Mimi was into him, and that she wouldn't put it past Mimi to try and sleep with him, either.

All of this was news to Mimi. When she finally found out why the girls beat her up, she couldn't believe it. "I've never talked to him. I've never looked twice at him," she told the girls. "I'm not a home wrecking whore."

Mimi later confronted Kristyn about the whole debacle and asks how the rumors got started. Kristyn says she doesn't know. The girls are soon joined by Morgan, who tells Mimi she's not even upset about the Chance thing anymore. Really, she just doesn't like the way Mimi acts. "Just the way you move, you have a bitchy attitude."

Where do you fall on the big Redneck Heaven brawl: Are you Team Mimi or Team Morgan? Do you believe that Mimi never said a thing about Chance, or do you think that Kristyn and Morgan might be onto something?

10.25.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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