Big Tips Texas: First Look Clip! Everyone vs. Mimi in Episode 8 — Exclusive
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Big Tips Texas: First Look Clip! Everyone vs. Mimi in Episode 8 — Exclusive

If you haven’t been watching MTV’s Big Tips Texas so far, then you’ve been missing out on a ton of drama. See, the bartenders and waitresses who work at Redneck Heaven are sort of like sisters. And sometimes sister fight. A lot.

The sexy Texas bar’s newest hire is a petite blonde named Mimi, and this feisty newcomer hasn’t had the easiest of times fitting in. Mimi immediately butts heads with sassy rodeo racer Morgan, and even a few episodes after their first meeting, the two still haven’t patched things up.

Wetpaint Entertainment has an exclusive first-look clip at tonight’s brand new episode, which airs at 11 p.m. on MTV. In the video, Redneck veteran Sabrina tries to sit down and have a conversation with Mimi about all the drama. Sabrina lets Mimi know that both Morgan and her best friend, Kristyn, feel like Mimi is going out of her way to be mean to them.

Unfortunately, both Morgan and Kristyn are sitting right there. And when they start to join in on the conversation, Mimi goes off. Feeling backed into a corner, she lashes out.

“I’ve done nothing wrong to you girls, ever,” she tells them flatly. “You don’t think you’ve had a bad attitude or you’re b—y, at all?” Morgan shoots back.

“I no longer like you girls,” she tells them. “I don’t.”

Mimi asks when she and Sabrina’s private conversation became a group discussion. Morgan fires back that Mimi better wish it isn’t, because if it is, “we’re all gonna f—n’ hate you.”

“Who gives a s—t?” Mimi retorts. ?Y’all already do. Like, I don’t care.” She then stands up and storms off camera. But knowing this show, we’re willing to bet that the drama is only just beginning.

Big Tips Texas airs on Wednesdays at 11 p.m. on MTV

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