Big Week For The Walking Dead! First Season 4 Trailer, Other Cool Events — See Roundup
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The Walking Dead

Big Week For The Walking Dead! First Season 4 Trailer, Other Cool Events — See Roundup

You’d think The Walking Dead Season 4 was premiering this Sunday (we wish!) with all the cool Deadhead stuff going on right now. Unfortunately, the AMC show won’t be back until October, but hopefully we’ll get more official details this week, like an actual premiere day in October.

Here’s a look at some of the TWD-related things going on this week:

1. Entertainment Weekly Cover

Or covers plural, as it happens. Have you seen them? Rick's cover is like a dirty-sexy-violent watch ad. Muscled Daryl on a motorcycle is worthy of framing. And then there's the extreme close-up of Carl. (No love for the ladies? They could at least do a Maggie/Glenn cover, if not Michonne with her katana.) Anyway, the issue hits newsstands Friday, July 19 and should include all kinds of great photos and intel. Speaking of this Friday...

2. Comic-Con!

The Walking Dead will once again be featured at Comic-Con. Here are details on Friday’s panel, which runs from 4:35-5:30 p.m. ET, and will showcase the main cast and producers talking about the new season. Come back to us after that for updates on spoilers and other infol, including...

3. The First Walking Dead Season 4 Trailer!

According to the official Walking Dead account, @WalkingDead_AMC, the world premiere of The Walking Dead Season 4 trailer is coming this Friday. We hope it’s long — a couple of hours would be fine. UPDATE: It's here! Watch it, and read our analysis. Also, where is The Governor?

4. #InstaDaryl

Not all the cool stuff is just happening Friday. Right now you can head to The Walking Dead’s Instagram page, ‘cause none other than Norman Reedus, aka Daryl Dixon, aka @wwwbigbaldhead has taken over the account. As Norman tweeted, “join this amc Instagram page I've hijacked it thru comicon!!!

5. Emmys

We hoped to be celebrating major Emmy nominations this week, but … nope! Instead, it’s time to bond over our shared fury at the snubs. Nominations for the 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards were revealed Thursday, July 18. Once again, the Emmys were not kind to TWD. In fact, the show only got one nod, for prosthetic makeup. We wanted to see the show nominated in the drama series category, with at least a nod for Andrew Lincoln (Rick) as Lead Actor in a Drama Series. It would’ve been nice to see recognition for the supporting actors (especially Sarah Wayne Callies for her work on Season 3 as Lori) and guest stars too (especially Lennie James for his return as Morgan). Come on, Emmys!

What Walking Dead stuff has you most excited this week?

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