Bill Engvall on Why He Almost Didn’t Do Dancing With the Stars
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Dancing With The Stars

Bill Engvall on Why He Almost Didn’t Do Dancing With the Stars

Like it or not, Bill Engvall is currently crushing the competition on Dancing With the Stars. While the comedian has happily dodged elimination after elimination, there was once a time when Bill was hesitant to even step foot on the DWTS stage.

In a recent interview with OK! Magazine, the now-finalist admitted that he almost didn’t sign up for the show.

“It was just so out of my comfort zone,” Bill told the magazine. “‘Why would I go try this?’ And then I thought, well, okay, I’ll be on it for a couple weeks. Say thanks, get to dance with a pretty young lady, and now we’re finalists!”

Bill’s pro partner Emma Slater certainly seems glad Bill decided to get over his fears.

“I’ll never get another season like this again, even if I win my next five seasons,” Emma said. “I’ll always look on this season as my first and absolute best. Nothing could top this experience ever.”

Bill and Emma officially became finalists last night after surviving the “bottom two” once again. The duo will go onto the finals competing against Amber Riley, Corbin Bleu, and Jack Osbourne.

“We never saw ourselves here, or at least I didn’t, but now we are,” Bill said. “It just proves to me how great our fans are and they just keep voting us forward. And, listen, I don’t want to say we just skate by. We work our butts off and I think it shows.”

Source: OK! Magazine