Woman Gets Pregnant With Another Couple’s Child… By Mistake
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Woman Gets Pregnant With Another Couple’s Child… By Mistake

This may sound impossible, to give birth to another couple’s child without knowing it, but if your trusted doctor accidentally makes the mistake of implanting you with another patient’s embryo, it may not sound as far-fetched. That’s what happened to one woman, who in her fourth pregnancy — after one preemie, four miscarriages, three rounds of IVF, and an 11-year stretch of infertility — received a call from her doctor saying that her baby wasn’t hers.

The woman had essentially become a surrogate for another couple without consent. She and her husband did decide to give birth to the child, whom they handed over to the rightful parents with a “messy” goodbye, but they didn’t keep their journey to themselves. The woman, Carolyn Savage, wrote a book about her experience entitled Inconceivable: A Mistake, the Baby We Couldn't Keep, and Our Decision to Deliver the Ultimate Gift.

Carolyn explains how she received “a call from my fertility specialist to inform me I was pregnant, but there'd been a mistake and the wrong embryos had been transferred,” in her first-person article on What to Expect. “You see, there is no version in the What to Expect... series for what to expect when expecting the wrong baby.”

“To characterize us as terrified is probably an understatement,” she says.

We couldn’t imagine the shock and horror that would follow news like that, and we admire Carolyn for her strength to carry on with the pregnancy and delivery a stranger’s baby.

You tell us — what do you think about her story?

Source: What to Expect

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