WTF Happened In Hollywood This Week? Bizarre Stories of August 31–September 6
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WTF Happened In Hollywood This Week? Bizarre Stories of August 31–September 6

Tinseltown is a freakin' weird place, folks, and it's filled with all sorts of kooky people. (We love 'em all the more for it, though.) Check out this week's share of wackadoodle celebrity and entertainment news.

  • Maybe Charlie Hunnam is brainstorming how he'll play Christian Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie with the help of the marijuana he seems to love.

  • Today host Hoda Kotb was too excited to show off her smartwatch on air — and to prove that, hey, 49-year-olds understand technology, too — to realize that she was showing all of America her personal cell phone number.

  • A 2-year-old totally schooled Channing Tatum on the basketball court.

  • A former bodyguard for Beyonce and Rihanna — a behemoth of a man known as The Dutch Giant — was killed by police in a freak accident.

  • Los Angelinos, stay off the streets. Austin Mahone failed his driver's test and then returned to take it again the same day… and failed again.

  • Katy Perry has an adorable pet name for her grandma: "Bitch."

  • Karl Lagerfeld shot portraits of Kim Kardashian wearing a gold grill and seemingly exhaling smoke… while she was pregnant.

  • Think Fergie and Josh Duhamel's name for their newborn son, Axl Jack, is weird? Just click through our gallery of even-weirder Hollywood heir and heiress names — like Pilot Inspektor, Jermajesty, CrimeFighter, and Diva Thin Muffin.

See you next Freaky Friday, folks!

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