WTF Happened in Hollywood This Week? Bizarre Stories of October 26–November 1
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WTF Happened in Hollywood This Week? Bizarre Stories of October 26–November 1

Tinseltown is a freakin' weird place, folks, and it's filled with all sorts of kooky people. (We love 'em all the more for it, though.) Check out this week's share of wackadoodle celebrity and entertainment news.

  • Some of you Glee fans have been asking a whole bevy of, um, interesting questions. Is Darren Criss adopted? Is Blake Jenner related to Brody Jenner? Can creator Ryan Murphy sing? We've got all those answers, you weirdos!

  • An Illinois high school bore witness to the second coming of Christ — right before he was removed from the premises. (The guy just can't catch a break!)

  • Norman Reedus has wooed Walking Dead fans so thoroughly that one sent him a boob implant. But the latest fan gift he revealed may be even weirder…

  • Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber are always having shade thrown at them, but they found an unlikely ally this week who was willing to publicly defend them on Twitter: Blake Shelton!

  • Speaking of Miley, her latest music video is just as weird as you would expect. Let's just say that she's riding the Gravity wave!

  • In case you stopped watching Grey's Anatomy around the time Ghost Denny showed up, you missed Seattle's zombie invasion this week.

  • Before she "transformed" into an A-list movie star, this actress found a slice of Heaven in 2003 — in what we think is one bizarre celeb coupling.

See you next Freaky Friday, folks!
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