Blac Chyna Has No Plans to Fight Rob Kardashian For Custody: Report
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Blac Chyna Has No Plans to Fight Rob Kardashian For Custody: Report


Rob Kardashian has officially cut off Blac Chyna, and it sounds like that suits her just fine.

And speaking of suits, if you're waiting for a custody suit, you may want to stop holding your breath.

According to new reports, Chyna doesn't really want to fight her ex over custody of their daughter, Dream Kardashian.

Despite reports that Rob had her expensive cars repossessed, sources close to the 29-year-old mother of two say she willingly surrendered a bunch of her gifts from the youngest Kardashian.

The truth is, according to those insiders, Chyna doesn't want anything from Rob except to be left alone, and she feels confident she can pay her own way without him, TMZ reports.

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In fact, she doesn't even want child support for baby Dream, at least not for now. 

It seems Rob wants primary custody of their daughter, which seems to suit the Lashed Cosmetics owner.

Apparently, Chyna's eldest, King Cairo, already is being raised primarily by his father, Tyga.

Young Legend.

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The "Ice Cream" rapper, who until recently was dating Rob's sister Kylie Jenner, may be single, but seems to have no problem jet-setting with a 4-year-old in tow.

While it seems odd that exes as contentious as Chyna and Rob wouldn't want a judge to decide these matters, Chyna would apparently rather work things out without involving the courts in order to avoid an "adverse ruling."

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As Chyna looks to distance herself from her ex, it sounds like the "other man" in the situation, rapper Ferrari True, has no ill feelings toward the 30-year-old sock entrepreneur.

When asked by TMZ, "Are you upset that Rob put you on blast?" Ferrari smiled and said, "Rob's a good guy, he's a good guy."

There are reports that Chyna and Ferrari made a sex tape together but he refused to confirm it.

Ferrari was asked, "If there is a sex tape, would you release it?" and said, "Ask Chyna."

As reported earlier, Rob posted explicit pictures of Chyna on Instagram and accused his former fiancée of cheating on him, taking drugs, and leaving him after he paid for her to undergo weight loss surgery.

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The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star claimed Chyna had sent him a picture of herself without underwear on, shortly before she slept with Ferrari.

While Chyna may not be eager to take Rob to court, it remains to be seen what course her baby's father wants to take.

And we imagine momager Kris Jenner will want to get the family's lawyers involved, though she's worried about the outcome.

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“Kris knows that if she has to fight for custody because of Rob’s actions she will lose. As hard as it is for her to do, she must do everything in her power to keep Dream close to the family," a source tells Radar Online.

But the rest of the family doesn't seem to want to get involved at all.

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Khloe, who used to be very tight with her little brother, won't acknowledge the drama whatsoever, and the rest of the fam seems to be following suit.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian seems far more concerned with her new makeup line than whatever is happening with her brother and his ex, who used to be tight with the 36-year-old megastar.

We're sure this all far from over, so watch this space for more updates!