Tragic Deaths Pile Up Amid Black Friday Shopping Insanity
Black Friday Bargain Hunters Hit The Streets


Tragic Deaths Pile Up Amid Black Friday Shopping Insanity


The holiday shopping season is upon us — which unfortunately means some people are going to lose their lives.

At least two people have already been killed since Black Friday sales kicked off on Thanksgiving night, as multiple shootings took place at stores across the country.

According to The Daily Mail, a man was killed and his brother injured after they were shot in the parking lot of a Macy's in New Jersey on Friday morning. 

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That incident followed a shooting death in the parking lot of a Nevada Wal-Mart on Thursday night; while a mall shopper in Tennessee also suffered a gun shot injury on Thanksgiving.

In addition to the senseless deaths, there are also reports and videos from across the nation of the usual insanity inside stores, as customers seem to lose all sense of their humanity when fighting each other over the latest deals.

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Overall, though, this year's bonanza seems tamer than in years past, as many are opting to skip the crowds and find their deals online.

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Black Friday online sales are expected to exceed a record $3 billion this year, with purchases made from mobile devices accounting for roughly a third of that amount.

Are you braving the crowds this Black Friday, or doing all your shopping online?

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