Britney Spears

Britney Spears Bares Toned Midriff With Crop Top and Black Panties (VIDEO)

Britney Spears seems to have followed her own advice and Work B—hed it out at the gym! The 32-year-old pop star is showing off her taut physique on Instagram.

In a snapshot posted on August 6, Britney shows off a seemingly-unretouched proof from a photo shoot with Jeff Lipsky — in which she rests her hands on her head, letting her purple crop top ride up to reveal a lot of midriff between it and her black panties.

"Amazing amazing shoot with @jefflipsky today," she writes. "Been working hard this summer! So ready to bring it for the next round of #PieceOfMe shows next week."

The Britney Jean singer has about six months left of her two-year residency at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, so we can only imagine what her body will look like then!

Photos like these provide inspiration to fellow celebs like Miranda Lambert, who picked Brit Brit as her fitness role model in a May interview with Women's Health.

"Use hot singers as motivation," the country star advised. "Like, if I put on Britney, I can picture Britney's body, and I'm like, 'Oh! Faster!'"

We're with Miranda — pics like these make us wanna do 50 stomach crunches! Or… you know… five.

Source: Women's Health