Blake Lively Says Her Wedding With Ryan Reynolds Was a “Disaster” (VIDEO)
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Blake Lively Says Her Wedding With Ryan Reynolds Was a “Disaster” (VIDEO)

Weddings are ostensibly supposed to be the most magical moment of one's life, but Blake Lively's nuptials to now-husband Ryan Reynolds sound more like an American horror story.

"Our wedding was becoming a disaster, and we didn’t know what to do," the Gossip Girl grad recounts in the August 2014 issue of Vogue.

Luckily, one of Blake's famous friends is an expert in domestic logistics.

"So we called Martha [Stewart]!" the 26-year-old continues. "She said, 'Don't worry. I'll handle it.' She sent her team down to save us. And then she called her friends who have a home in South Carolina and set us up at the most amazing getaway. This is the day of our wedding!"

But that wasn't even the last of their troubles — a sparkler scorched Blake's wedding dress during a performance by Florence Welch during their reception.

"Later, my dress was hanging up and Ryan said, 'Isn't that beautiful?' I said, 'What?' And he pointed to the burn. My heart just stopped, because it was such a sensitive little subject. And he said, 'You'll always remember that moment with Florence singing and the sparklers. You have that forever, right there, preserved.' Now that's my favorite part of the dress."

(OK, we get it, Ryan is a total dreamboat.)

In all sincerity, we're glad that the wedding went off with hitches because they clearly made for great memories!

Source: Vogue

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