Blake Shelton: Why Adam Levine Won’t Have a Bachelor Party
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Adam Levine

Blake Shelton: Why Adam Levine Won’t Have a Bachelor Party

Adam Levine is known for dating models — he is a rock star, after all, and he's basically pop music's version of Leonardo DiCaprio. So he shocked everyone last July when he announced his engagement to model Behati Prinsloo.

Adam's real second significant other is his bromance buddy Blake Shelton on The Voice. Blake is hardly a wallflower, and it wouldn't be a surprise to see hear he was helping to plan Adam's bachelor party.

Instead, Blake told E! News he doesn't see the point. "First of all, if he has a bachelor party that's like bringing sand to the beach. He is marrying a supermodel, for God's sake. A Victoria's Secret supermodel." Blake told E! he wouldn't have a bachelor party, if he was Adam. He'd just hang out at the house with his fiancee, who is "really cool."

However, Blake added, "If there was a bachelor party for Adam, it would be the most — I mean, no one would know about it. There'll be two people, me and Adam, we'll be the only two people there. No, Adam's lived the life of a bachelor party. It'll never happen. His whole life has been a bachelor party, and now he's gonna settle down. He's good."

Maybe this is all Blake's way of trying to steal Adam for himself. Even though Blake is married himself, to the gorgeous Miranda Lambert, it's pretty telling that his idea for a bachelor party is just a secret rendezvous for the two men. You can't stop a good bromance!

Seriously, though, do you think Adam will have a bachelor party? He has been living a bachelor party life for a long time, but maybe that’s why he will have one last big bash. Or maybe he figures bachelor parties are for amateurs. We’ll see. Unless we never hear about it at all.

Source: E! News