The Bachelor Pad

Blakeley Shea Is Unrecognizable With New Look: Check it Out! (PHOTOS)

Back in her Bachelor Pad 3 days, Blakeley Shea was famous for being hot, working at Hooters, and getting engaged to Tony Pieper on the finale. There may have been a few episodes when we were truly concerned with whether or not she’d castrate once-partner Chris Bukowski, but that’s neither here nor there.

What we’re truly interested in is that in the year and a half since BP3 wrapped, Blakeley has gone from engaged gal to single lady to relationship betty, and her look has changed right along with her major life transformations.

You may think we’re just having the most dramatic thoughts ever, but seriously, girl is unrecognizable with her new platinum hair, totally different eyebrow shape, and general attitude in her regularly scheduled selfies. Don’t believe us? Click through and we’ll talk then.