Is Juan Pablo Galavis Blaming Clare Crawley For His Negative Image?
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Juan Pablo Galavis

Is Juan Pablo Galavis Blaming Clare Crawley For His Negative Image?

Juan Pablo Galavis had a hard go of it on The Bachelor, and now that his People blog is finally out, we’re getting a little peek at his last words about his time on the show. Surprisingly, Juan Pablo actually had a lot more people to thank and love than expected. But one thing we did anticipate was a last-ditch effort for him to clarify the kinda fella he is.

In his blog, Juan Pablo acknowledges that he’s not everyone’s favorite person, writing “Those 20 hours and your comments on social media are what made me reflect on writing this blog, my last one as The Bachelor. Some people don't like me, hate me and wish me the worst.”

The time he’s referring to is the length of a season of The Bachelor, minus the little bits and pieces like “Women Tell All” and “After the Final Rose.” But buddy, it’s the latter that you should really be addressing, since it was there that the Bachelor 2014 star didn’t do himself any favors. After arguing with Chris Harrison and refusing to show Nikki Ferrell a lotta loving, Juan Pablo left fans shaking their heads.

But who does he blame for all of this? It kinda sounds like Clare Crawley, actually. “There are some that still see me as the guy before Vietnam, that cares about his daughter, that cares about other people (especially the 27 women who took the time to meet me), jokes around a lot, is sarcastic, likes to dance, drama-free, who wants a family and is very honest like I said before, maybe too honest for this reality show and it's okay,” he writes.

Of course, “before Vietnam” refers to the version of Juan Pablo that had yet to slut shame Clare for the midnight swim she took with him. But he seems to be forgetting that by the time that episode aired, on February 3, he had already made anti-gay comments and been plenty confusing with his kissing rules and how much daughter Camila would approve of...

That point aside, he says that one of the things that hurt him most was “seeing my family and friends suffering with how I was being portrayed and misjudged in the media, because they are the ones that know Juan Pablo, the guy who is not The Bachelor. To them, I just want to say thank you for always being there for me and covering my back when needed.”

He also thanks his producers and stylists. And while we agree that anyone who can put together such an entertaining show deserves an Emmy, perhaps he might want to take another look at his linen pants and manpris before he thanks anyone for his clothing choices...

What do you think of Juan Pablo taking things back to Vietnam? Is he still trying to shirk responsibility or does he really just see that incident as the straw that broke his back?

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