\'Blindspot\' Star Becoming Sick From Fake Tattoos
Blindspot – Season Pilot
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‘Blindspot’ Star Becoming Sick From Fake Tattoos


One of the most successful TV shows of the new fall season has been NBC's Blindspot, which features Jaimie Alexander as an amnesiac woman who wakes up in Times Square with a body covered in tattoos. But one unintended consequence of the show becoming a hit may be that those tattoos are causing the show's star to become ill.

Sources have revealed to Page Six that the 31-year-old actress is convinced the ink used in the tattoos is toxic and are making her sick. She suffered a pulmonary infection midway through filming this season, and afterwards brought her own doctor to the show's set.

Jaimie previously told the New York Times that the process of applying the tattoos takes over seven hours each time, and it's said that the show has been using body doubles more and more to stand in for her to shorten the amount of time she spends in the ink.

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Last week the show fired four of the makeup artists responsible for applying the tattoos, though the producers claim the move was unrelated to Jaimie's beliefs about the toxicity of the tattoos. The show can't realistically just scrap the tattoos altogether though, as they provide clues to Jaimie's character's origin and are the most integral part of the show.

The TV star has not spoken out publicly against the tattoos, so until she does we'll have to take these reports with a grain of salt.


If the body art is making her sick though, then we really hope the show changes up its routine and fast — the show has already been picked up for a second season.