Blood, Sweat & Heels’ Brie Bythewood: Will She Return for Season 2? — Exclusive
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Blood, Sweat & Heels’ Brie Bythewood: Will She Return for Season 2? — Exclusive

Bravo has really hit the nail on the head recently with its reality programming — and lots of people are taking note. One of those unscripted series helping to bring the network killer ratings is Blood, Sweat & Heels, which was just renewed for a second season this week!

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up recently with one of the show's more outspoken stars, Brie Bythewood. Read on to find out which girls she's still in touch with, whether she'll be back for Season 2, and what she thinks about those infamous Real Housewives of Atlanta brawls!

Wetpaint Entertainment: Have you kept in touch with any of the women since filming ended?

The only two I have not spoken with are Mica and Daisy. Other than that, I've been in contact with Melyssa, I'm always in contact with Demetria and Geneva. Everything's OK. If I reached out to Mica or she reached out to me, I don't see why there would be an issue — same with Daisy.

What was your take on the divide between the "Louds" and "Prouds"?

I actually learned of the "Louds" versus the "Prouds" watching the show; I didn't know they existed. For me, there were the friends, and then the people that weren't as friendly. The friends were Demetria and Geneva; and Mica, Daisy, and Melyssa were kind of on their own team. I was OK with it. They were just doing their own thing.

You were outspoken in your concern that Mica might have some personal issues — particularly with drinking. Were you hesitant about bringing that up on TV?

I wasn't calling Mica an alcoholic. My words to Mica were that she's a sloppy drunk. Everyone handles alcohol differently. It's one thing to be like that when we're all out, it's another when you're on TV. I just wanted to bring it to her attention that she should be more thoughtful in her actions. Unfortunately, it turned into a much larger situation than I think it needed to.

The Hollywood Reporter just did its Reality TV issue, focusing on the boom of African American-focused unscripted shows. Why do you think they have been so successful?

I think it's a beautiful thing that there are people willing to put African-American women, men, children, whomever, on public display like that to be an entertainment source in a positive way. When I say positive way, I'm talking specifically about Blood, Sweat & Heels. When you see six women with careers that are willing to show life's ups and downs on TV.

Real Housewives of Atlanta has received some backlash saying it portrays a bad image for African-American women with all the fighting. What do you think about that?

I don't think a good moment or a bad moment should be classified by the color of someone's skin. Would I want to behave in an outrageous way? It's just not in my nature. Our show has a more positive nature, with a premise around six African-American women living and working hard in Manhattan. I don't think we'd solve anything with violence — we have too much to lose.

What's next for you? Would you return for the second season?

It's definitely something that I would highly consider and be excited about. I know that Season 1 had its ups and downs, but so does life. Whether there were cameras or not, put any of us in those positions and the same exact outcome would happen. Outside of reality TV, I would like to further pursue my career in real estate, but with my broadcast journalism training, I would like to take my real estate career to TV. Who knows, maybe I'll have a show of my own some day!

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