Blood, Sweat & Heels’ Mica Hughes on Season 1 and Her Housewife “Role Model” — Exclusive
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Blood, Sweat & Heels’ Mica Hughes on Season 1 and Her Housewife “Role Model” — Exclusive

Did you tune in for last night’s March 23 epic 90-minute reunion of Bravo’s newest reality hit, Blood, Sweat & Heels? Those NYC ladies sure are giving the Georgia Peaches on the Real Housewives of Atlanta a run for their money in the drama department. And when it comes to this Big Apple-based series, the attention always turns back to one woman: Mica Hughes.

Mica was arguably the most controversial cast member this season, something that became even clearer in Andy Cohen’s clubhouse last night. While the women all argued about Mica’s drinking habits and relationship issues, we have to give credit where credit’s due: This statuesque gal knows how to make an impression.

Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively with Mica recently, and she spilled on staying positive (with the help of some other Bravolebrities!), her surprising history with RHoA’s Cynthia Bailey, and whether she’d return for a second season.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How has your life changed since Blood, Sweat & Heels began?

Mica Hughes: From Episode 1 to the finale, it’s made a complete turnaround. Over time you get all these criticisms and comments and judgments. You have to be strong and lift yourself up. That’s a lesson I’d already learned about myself, but it was really reinforced by being on reality TV. I have so many fans who believe in me, and that’s what I look to. It’s so easy to look at 25 positive comments and see one negative. Well, I’m learning not to take that personally..

Speaking of fan feedback, have you received support from other Bravo stars?

Yeah! [Real Housewives of New York’s] Sonja Morgan and I met at a Bravo photoshoot we did together, and I think she is amazing. She reminds me so much of myself. I’m a girl’s girl. I’m a woman who loves to help other women. We just hit it off. She’s obviously been in my shoes longer, so to be where she is and who she is, it’s just someone I look up to. I want to be that positive role model, too. It was a blessing to meet her.

Tell us more about your “Turkey Bacon Song” we saw you perform at the reunion?

I’ve been writing music for most of my life. Music is one of my passions. And in the first episode of Blood, Sweat & Heels, you see my boyfriend waking me up with breakfast, and he always makes me the same thing: turkey bacon and scrambled eggs. And I made a little song out of it. Then, so many people reached out to me and thought it was so funny, so I figured, let me write something!

Speaking of songs, did you see that Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Porsha Stewart released a new single?

I did not know that! I haven’t met her before, but I do know Cynthia Bailey. We worked together a lot in modeling here in New York. I’ve been modeling in New York for over 20 years, and we worked a lot in the city together — and not just here, overseas.

Have you met any of the other Housewives?

I met [RHoBH’s] Brandi Glanville, and I love her! She’s so cool and beautiful. She’s very honest and she knew what I was going through. Like Sonja, she was really helpful, sweet, and endearing. She gave me some tips.

Finally, if you were invited back for Season 2, would you do it?

Everyone will have to tune in to see if I come back. It was a huge life changer, unlike I ever thought, for everybody that’s involved in my life. That has not been put on the table yet as an offer to me, but I’d have to say tune in for that!

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