Is Beyonce’s Daughter Blue Ivy Friends With the Kardashian Kids?
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Is Beyonce’s Daughter Blue Ivy Friends With the Kardashian Kids?

Being the child of famous parents in Hollywood means you get a kid-sized Lamborghini and $800 bedazzled sneakers before you turn one. At least that's what it's like for 2-year-old Blue Ivy and 8-month-old North West! With both celebrity tots living such extravagant lifestyles, we can't help but wonder if their mommies and daddies have arranged lots of star-studded playdates. Who else would they compare designer baby clothes with?

In July 2013, The Sun reported that Beyonce and Jay Z brought their daughter Blue Ivy to meet Kim and Kanye's baby, North. Kanye and Jay Z are close friends, so we're sure it was besties at first sight for the famous babies. As for what else Jay and Bey brought along with them? Oh, you know, $7,500 worth of gifts for Norie. And that's after previously spending around $13k on a Swarovski crystal-encrusted high chair!

There haven't been any other reports of North and Blue having play dates, but it's possible that they've gotten together on other occasions. And if so, we want photos!

As for Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick's kids, 4-year-old Mason and 1-year-old Penelope Disick? Unfortunately, the Disicks and the Carters haven't said anything about a meet-and-greet. But hey, Penelope turns two in July, so maybe Kourt has a celebrity baby birthday party guest list in the works!

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