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Which Full House Star Dumped Katie Couric After One Date? (VIDEO)

What’s more awkward than running into that guy who never called you after the first date? Inviting him onto your daytime talk show! Katie Couric’s a fearless newswoman, though, so had no trouble extending an invite to her one-time beau, Bob Saget of Full House fame.

The two met up during a recent taping of her chat show, Katie, and it’s about as awkward as you could hope for. A clearly nervous Bob tries to play off the fact he never called Katie after their one and only date despite the fact that she obviously wanted him to.

“I really liked him and he didn’t call me again,” Katie says, as the audience murmurs appreciatively. “He made me laugh.”

“I didn’t make you laugh. I forced you to laugh!” Bob jokes. We don’t think we’ve seen someone this uncomfortable around Katie Couric since the 2008 election!

The two keep it professional but the interview goes to prove dating’s never easy, even when you’re a beloved actor and a world-famous journalist just grabbing dinner. Watch the rest of the clip above to hear how serious the two got on their one night together. Spoiler alert: It was kind of a full house.