Bones Season 8 Spoiler Roundup — September 30, 2012
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Bones Season 8 Spoiler Roundup — September 30, 2012

As we wait patiently for Bones to come back with yet another new episode on Monday, we’ve been collecting every spoiler we can find that might give clues about what we can expect in Season 8. Here are the top five most-clicked spoiler articles of the week.

1. Tamara Taylor: The Identity of Cam’s New Bones Season 8 Love Interest Will “Shock” You — Exclusive!
Think you have any guesses yet as to who it might be?

2. Bones Season 8 Spoilers: Booth and Brennan Caught Making Out — But Where?
Kids these days. So crazy.

3. Bones Season 8 Premiere’s Big Pelant Twist: WHAT Happened Exactly?
Just in case you needed some additional clarification, creator Hart Hanson is here to help.

4. Bones Season 8, Episode 3 Spoilers: Who’s Romancing the Hot New FBI Lady? (PHOTOS)
Yeeeeeah, Sweets!

5. Bones Synopsis for Season 8, Episode 3: What Happens in “The Gunk in the Garage”?
Your basic summary of what to expect in Monday’s episode.

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