Bones Spoiler Roundup: What’s Still to Come in Season 6?
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Bones Spoiler Roundup: What’s Still to Come in Season 6?

You would think we’d seen it all after witnessing a tanning bed turn a wedding planner into soup, but Bones always has more to give. Unfortunately we have to bide our time until March 10 to get it. But the new episodes will be well worth the wait. Don’t believe us? Read our Season 6 spoiler roundup and then spend the next two weeks thinking of an appropriate thank-you gift.

The second sniper episode
The first new episode in March will also be the second in the sniper arc. Nathan dished to Entertainment Weekly, “Booth is truly determined to go after him in this episode, but also is struggling with the demons that come along with being a sniper himself, and wondering how Brennan sees him — if Brennan thinks that he’s the kind of guy who can easily pull the trigger, or if she knows how difficult that is for him as well. It’s forcing him to look into an aspect of his life and look into how other people perceive him as well.”

The blizzard and the elevator
David Boreanaz (Booth) is back as director for the second episode in March, when a giant blizzard shuts down the city of D.C. Bones Executive Producer Stephen Nathan explained, “All the electricity goes out in Washington, and the Jeffersonian is forced to solve this murder very, very quickly because they discover the body is of someone who has a highly contagious disease. There’s no evidence that this disease is out in the world, so the person who killed this woman could be Patient Zero, the person who starts an epidemic. And they have to do this with no fancy electronics or no fancy technology from the Jeffersonian. We’re going back to the days before CSI and grand technology to solve the murder. There’s one wonderful sequence where they have to take an X-ray with no X-ray machine, and they find out how to do it. During this, Booth and Brennan are trapped in an elevator in his apartment building. Alone. So we have all of that fun with Booth and Brennan trapped together, and Brennan trying to solve this murder, and the only thing they really have are their cellphones until their batteries run out. It’s gonna be a great episode for the people who want to see Booth and Brennan be in love and a great episode for all the geeks out there who love the science.”

Hodgela’s baby
Even though we haven’t gotten to see a baby shower for Angela we are getting extremely excited to see the actual baby. But Nathan revealed to TV Guide that the easy pregnancy Angela’s had so far won’t stay that way for much longer. In the March 17 episode, “Hodgins and Angela will have to deal with something quite serious with the baby.” But even though the episode’s deadly blizzard is serious, the baby’s outcome isn’t. “We will definitely see a baby,” he said.

The body farm episode
We've talked about the April 14 body farm episode, but what we haven’t discussed is that it is also the episode featuring Twilight’s Michael Welch. The actor, who worked with Nathan and Bones creator Hart Hanson on Joan of Arcadia, will guest star as a grad student. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Nathan explained, "We find a bunch of feet that wash up on the shore of the border between Canada and the United States, so there's a little border dispute about whose feet they are — Canadian feet or American feet — and they wind up taking us to a body farm."

The Radical Honesty episode
There is also an episode about a murder that occurs in a group of people who believe in Radical Honesty, which basically means they tell the absolute truth at all times. Laughing, Nathan revealed to Entertainment Weekly, "It's not a cult, but it's a group of people who all believe that the world would be a better place if everyone were completely and totally honest about absolutely everything. So there's no question that these people will not answer truthfully. There's no such thing as a little white lie. There's no such thing as stretching the truth. You think of that, if you are radically honest in that way, everybody's gonna wanna kill you at some point. So it's a very funny world for us to kill somebody in." Will Brennan, who tends to blurt things out that should be given the white-lie treatment, feel at home in this group?

The murder with motive
The May 5 episode is unlike others. Nathan said, also to Entertainment Weekly, “We’re doing an episode in which Brennan, who has never cared much for motive, has to examine a live person to find out why they killed someone else. This actually happens. We find a woman and we have no idea how old she is. We think she might be 13, she could be 20. She’s deaf and unable to speak. She’s found covered in blood with a knife and we track down the person who she killed and we have to find out why she killed that person, if it was murder, which it looks like — it looks like it was murder and theft. Brennan realizes the importance of motive at this point. We also, through this, find out the identity of this girl and resolve something very, very major in her life. It’s an episode unlike any we’ve done before. Most of the analysis and the forensic anthropology [is] on a live person. They don’t cut her up though. As cool as that might look for visual effects, I don’t think it’d be nice.”

The Bones spinoff
The Bones crew is currently in Miami shooting an episode of the spinoff series, The Locator, whose crossover episode is set to air on April 21. We told you previously about the cast announcements: Geoff Stults as the lead, Michael Clarke Duncan as his partner, and the latest addition of Law & Order’s Saffron Burrows as the female lead.

The Bones actors and crew
John Francis Daley (Sweets) and his writing partner Jonathan Goldstein are working on an episode based on the Discovery Channel show MythBusters. Nathan described it to Entertainment Weekly as “[s]ort of using the MythBusters background to stage a murder. It’s just gonna be based on that world and those kinds of shows.” Recently, he added that the episode involves “a body in the woods that seems to have been torn apart by a chupacabra.”

But now it’s Emily Deschanel’s turn to add another credit to her name. She will be joining David Boreanaz in the director’s chair sometime soon. Nathan spilled to TVLine, “It’s a difficult situation now because we’re also [shooting] the spinoff [on location] in Florida. We have a crew shooting there, we’re shooting two episodes at once, and Emily and David both work so hard, such long hours. [...] It’s difficult, but we’re doing everything we can to work it out.”

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