Angela Montenegro

You can put an artist in a lab, but you can't turn her into a "squint." That could be the motto of Angela Montenegro, an artist at the Jeffersonian Institute who sketches people based on their remains. To help her with her work, Angela created a three-dimensional holographic computer system that reconstructs the faces of dead victims and illustrates the possible scenarios of how they died.

Free-spirited Angela is the daughter of ZZ Top guitarist Billy Gibbons. On top of that, she happens to be Temperance Brennan's BFF, which is not easy given the fact that Bones would rather work in the lab examining skulls than go out for a drink with her pal. Still, Angela persists in drawing Bones out of her hyper-logical shell. Turns out the lab has also led Angela to love: She met and fell for Dr. Jack Hodgins, and she is expecting their first child.

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