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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's break up has nothing on this week's episode of Bones. We've never cried so hard, and the Bones Powers That Be did an amazing job dealing with the tragic events of September 11. Of course, there were plenty of jaw-dropping moments (this is Bones, after all), and we've rounded up our three favorites!

1. Brennan Slaps Her Squinterns, Doesn't Get Fired

So, apparently sexual harassment is totally not frowned in the FBI. Which means next time you're hanging in our nation's capital, a) try not to get murdered by an artisanal pickle maker, and b) feel free to grope, slap or pinch the butt of anyone wearing novelty socks. We assume it's totally cool, because Brennan (Emily Deschanel) slapped five squintern hindquarters this week, and no one filed a harassment claim. Nope, Brennan wasn't sued, fired, or even reprimanded for her actions. And just to remind you, we have no idea where her hands have been all day. Lady touches bones for a living.

2. More Squinterns = More Fun

This week's episode of Bones was especially emotional, so let's lighten things up by chatting about Brennan's squinterns. Yes, they're nerds, and yes, they're weirdly into Dungeons and Dragons, but together? Together they are a giant man hive of studliness. Sure, Wendell (Michael Grant Terry) and Finn (Luke Kleintank) are always adorable, but even semi-suicidal Fisher (Joel David Moore) and his sad eyes were looking sexy during this week's episode. Clearly, we're high off our own puddle of tears. Otherwise known as a #CryHigh.

3. Brennan Breaks Down, Everyone Is Sad

Look, we love seeing the more vulnerable side of Temperance Brennan, but last time lady had a crying jag she went cray-cray and clutched the body of a dead siberian tiger. One never knows what to expect. This week, Brennan lost control of her emotions while describing her experience during 9/11, and event which all of us lived through. Obviously, the episode was moving for everyone, but Brennan's tears really hit home. Which is why we are currently surrounded by dirty tissues and empty cartons of Kleenex.

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