As if Bones  fans didn't have enough to look forward to in season 7 with the coming of Bones-Booth baby, it looks like a new villain will also arrive on the scene. Executive producer Stephan Nathan describes this incoming bad guy as an "extremely odd and fearless foe," with the added danger of being "much more of a 21st-century, tech-savvy foe," than Gormogon and The Gravedigger.

Only six episodes into the season Emily Deschanell will go on maternity lead, and while those six will be filled with pre-baby jitters, they'll also include this unnamed criminal, who, we can only guess, will tweet his kills and become mayor of the dark deserted ally.

Nathan leaves us with this spoiler "At the end of [Episode] 6, we want to leave with a real surprise for the audience from a plot point of view,""I'm not necessarily talking about Booth and Brennan... [but this] nefarious character, who we will follow for a little bit this season and perhaps next."

So mark your calendars, Bones season 7, complete with the new foe, will premiere November 3rd.



Source: TV Guide