Credit: Michael Becker/FOX © 2011 Fox Broadcasting Co.

We love them Bones. The bloodier, the better. We even love the squishy sound effects, the big science-y words, the maggot infestations — it’s super gross, but we love it.

And we’re not the only ones. There are currently 10 shows on network TV that deal with the investigation of a gruesome murder victim. That's a lot of dead bodies, with a lot of creative ways to kill them. But given that Bones victims (by definition of what forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan (Emily Deschanel) does) are typically so badly decomposed, we tend to think they’re the gnarliest.

It might be a no-brainer (get it — brains), but we wondered how you think Bones stacks up against those other gory crime dramas.

Let us know!

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