Bones fans know David Boreanaz (Agent Seeley Booth) loves himself some Twitter. FOX must think fans do, too, because they launched a new campaign this week that included spoilerish Twitter hashtags to air on screen as they coincided with plot points.  

Sounds like a good idea in theory, but we wondered what fans thought, so we polled viewers on their thoughts. While the results were mixed overall, one statistic made us do Brennan-style single eyebrow raise: Nearly a third of you are unfamiliar with hashtags! Does that mean you’re all missing out on the gloriousness that is #DrGomez and David’s twitter feed?

To clear things up, a hashtag is whatever term follows the # sign in a tweet. It can be used to search and collect tweets that all pertain to the same topic. #bones? Check #boothandbrennan? Natch. #babychristine? OMG cuteness! You can literally make anything you want to tweet about into a hashtag. Even #shirtlessdavidboreanaz

But not to worry, if you’re still Twitter-shy (and you know who you are), we’ll keep posting David’s twitpics as long as he keeps sharing them!

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