Oh, the hijinks, guys! This week's episode of Bones was full of bloody twists and turns, and it was over-the-top romantic. Two of our favorite characters have started dating (read: holding femurs), two of our other favorite characters have become alcoholics, and then there's Sweets (John Francis Daley). Who spent the entire episode slaying us with his man-beauty. Sigh!

1. Cam and Arastoo Are Dating!

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Stop everything, Cam (Tamara Taylor) is having an illicit affair with one of her interns. Annnnd, we're feeling all kinds of weird about this. Sure, Cam and Arastoo (Pej Vahdat) are kinda cute in a "we read poetry out loud to each other, and BONUS, it's in the language of love," but this affair to remember seems inappropriate. Need we remind you that Arastoo works for Cam? Scandal! Also, need we remind you that they most likely fell in love while fondling human remains? Let's just hope they disinfected their hands before pawing at each other.

2. Hodgins and Angela Drink Wine On Roof, Remain Nerdy

Move over Hodglandia. Your moment in the romantic spotlight is over. Yeah, these two were cute back in the day before Hodgins (TJ Thyne) had a beard (you know, when Angela [Michaela Conlin] had those awkward bangs?), but now they're a middle-aged married couple, and it's just like NEXT. We love Hodgins and Angela in the same way we love our parents, which means the image of them drunkenly kissing on the roof of the Jeffersonian made us feel weird inside.

3. Sweets Is Adorable, Cute, Perfect, Etc (We Must Date Him)

We have officially forgiven Sweets for breaking up with Daisy (Carla Gallo) and stomping all over her heart. Why? Because he's just so adorable! Especially now that he's Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz)'s surrogate son. This guy has become super cute since shacking up with B&B and taking Parker's place (whatever, it's not like Parker even exists anymore), and the image of him curled up in bed was to-die for. Someone find Sweets a girlfriend before Cam makes a play. (Lady needs to be stopped!)

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