Since we can’t watch our favorite TV show for another two weeks, we decided to see the Bones peeps were up to on Twitter instead. Below are seven tweets from the Jeffersonian gang (past and present). See if you can guess who said what! And you’ll get extra credit if you can do it without peeking at the answers first.

1. My mom just saw me get recognized in the mall for the 1st time and she started crying. One of the sweetest moments ever.

2. It’s nearly my birthday.

3. Always have fun shooting with Emily. Giggling through the day really should be the only way.

4. You are what YOU think you are. Not what THEY say you are. How you think of yourself is how the world will see you. So embrace you.

5. It's fun getting to boss people around at work because I don't get to do it in real life.

6. Tokyo, Tokyo, oh sweet Tokyo. One of my all time favorite cities. You are in our thoughts.

7. Just walked past Glee's Jane Lynch at The Grove. Gosh, she's tall.

See answers below…

Credit: FOX © Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Bones Questions...

1. Pej Vahdat (squint Arastoo Vaziri) 2. Ty Panitz (Booth’s son Parker) 3. Ryan Cartwright (squintern Vincent Nigel-Murray) 4. Eugene Byrd (squint Clark Edison) 5. Tamara Taylor (Cam) 6. TJ Thyne (Hodgins) 7. Eric Millegan (Zack Addy)

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