Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Booth and Sweets in Season 6, Episode 11: "The Bullet in the Brain"

Over in Sweets's office, he finally admits to Caroline that he's pretty shaken up and plays her his recording of Taffet messing with him. In turn, Caroline confesses that she had a little accident when Taffet's head exploded. Considering we nearly had little accidents of our own and we were just sitting on our couches watching the action on TV, we're not that surprised. Anyway, she totally builds up his confidence.

The team narrows the sniper down to an "ambidextrous, Israeli-trained big-game hunter." As luck would have it, they happen to have a man on their list who fits this narrow description: William Preston. Oh wait, nope, Bill has an alibi. Darn. But Bill claims both he and Booth know who did it: a mutual friend by the name of Jacob Broadsky. Even though Jake's not on the suspect list, he's starting to seem like their man, especially with his love of copper and all.

Caroline gets a call on a possible alias, Gary Gray, who cashed a check for $2 million hours after the murder. Guess who withdrew $2 million the same day? Grieving papa James Kent. Dang. Kent is pretty surprised to find out that his actions caused the death of an innocent woman, Tracy Lavek, and claims the sniper did that on his own. When Booth tries to get an identity on the sniper, Kent has no info. In fact, the sniper called him with the offer to kill the Gravedigger, and Kent merely dropped off the check in a public restroom. Who drops off $2 million checks in restrooms?!

As the team narrows down the area search on Broadsky, they learn that he purchased 10 acres of land under Booth's name. Ah, so it's personal now. When Booth heads over to his new estate, Broadsky is waiting for him. He denies killing the Gravedigger and refers to Tracy's death as collateral damage, hinting that maybe she was warned to stay away, but didn't listen. Okay, obviously he did it. Anyway, Broadsky thinks he's being all smart by trying to get Booth to jump the fence into his property without a warrant, but he clearly forgot the land was in Booth's name. Duh. A chasing scene ensues that ends with Broadsky blowing up a trailer, so destroying all the evidence. When Booth aims his gun at Broadsky, Evil Booth knows Good Booth won't fire... which he doesn't. Um, couldn't Booth have shot the baddie in the leg or something?

In the end, Booth lies to the team, saying that Broadsky got away. And did you see that look Booth gives Brennan through the diner window? If that isn’t love, we don’t know what is.

Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: The Gravedigger in Season 6, Episode 11: "The Bullet in the Brain"

“The Bullet in the Brain” sure gets off to an explosive start! When the infamous creepster Heather Taffet, aka the Gravedigger, arrives at the courthouse for her final appeal after being sentenced to death for a kidnap-murder and then some, a sniper takes her out. And, boy, this guy or gal is a crack shot. Have you ever seen a pumpkin smashed on Halloween, with all of the seeds and gooey-ness and such spread out all over your porch? Yeah, this was about a million times grosser because the pumpkin was the Gravedigger's head and the “gooey-ness and such” was her brain.

And Dr. Sweets, who rides with the Gravedigger to the courthouse and is mere feet away from her when she gets shot, totally gets sprayed with her guts like a bride showered in rice. Talk about a bad morning. While everyone else is compiling a list of possible suspects, which includes grieving parents, Booth, and Brennan's father, it occurs to Sweets that maybe the bullet was meant for him. Hmm... interesting. Back to Bones's dad though: He calls her claiming he's in Maui, but he's actually in New Hampshire. Okay, that's kinda suspicious.

Meanwhile, one of the prime suspects is James Kent, a father who lost his children to the sadistic Gravedigger. Booth notices Kent videotaping the whole head-exploding event and raises his eyebrows when Kent doesn't run like hell like everyone else when it happens. He thinks that Kent knows it’s coming and therefore isn't afraid for his own life at that point. Also, considering the Gravedigger buried Kent's kids alive, well, that could be another motive.

As far as the bullet goes, they retrieve that sucker from the wall and this baby is huge — and made of solid copper. After Angela reconstructs it, they are able to determine that it's custom-made, pointing at a professional hit.

Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX ©2011 Fox Broadcasting Co. Photo: Brennan and Booth in Season 6, Episode 11: "The Bullet in the Brain"

On the case, Bones and Booth determine that the sniper shot might have come from one of their suspects' law offices in a nearby building. Turns out Taffet had an attorney named Harvey Morster disbarred. After meeting him, though, Booth is convinced Harvey didn't do it. In other news, Angela uses data from D.C.’s gunshot-microphone system to figure out that the sniper had to have been a whopping 1,500 yards away from his target. Just as Sweets insists he's fine for like the hundredth time, which clearly means he's not fine, Booth gets a text with an address for the shooter. Road trip!

Bones and Booth head over to the apartment, which belongs to a Ms. Lavek. They break in after getting no response and look out the window to determine the line of sight to the courthouse steps. Yep, there's a clear shot, but definitely not one Max could pull off. One more suspect down. Booth sees that a dining room table was moved, which leads him to declare that he knows whodunit — or rather who-coulda-dunit. Before we get to that info, though, Brennan calls him over to check out a situation in the bathroom. Yep, Ms. Lavek is enjoying a little blood bath. Face rotting off... ribs floating about... so incredibly gross.

Meanwhile, Sweets is sitting in his car in the parking lot, listening to his final convo with Taffet one more agonizing time. Again, he's definitely not fine. Hodgins surprises him by jumping in the passenger seat to discuss his own probs. Earlier, Hodgins expresses to Angela that he’d like to buy Taffet's killer a gift basket, and even though she kinda understands — since the Gravedigger buried her hubby alive and all — Angela's a bit concerned about his lack of sensitivity. So here he is seeking help from Sweets. Both men conclude that Taffet got what she deserved. Moving on.

The good news is that the body in the bathtub is ID’d as Tracy Lavek, a 29-year-old escort. The bad news is she looks even ickier out of the bathtub. After Hodgins conducts a little experiment using Clog-o and hot dogs, they determine Tracy has been dead for six days. Still no word on whether the sniper was her killer, but at this point we can't imagine he wasn't.