Note to Angela (Michaela Conlin): If you don’t appreciate what a good thing you have with a man as quirky and adorable Hodgins (TJ Thyne)... and if you’d rather spend your time making out with with some underground artist who has really gross hair... that is fine with us.

Honestly, it is. As long as Hodgins comes running straight into our arms, instead.

Tonight’s Bones Season 8, Episode 9: "The But in the Joke” saw Ange beginning to resent how boring, grown-up, and white picket fence her life has become. She longs for the days when she was a free-spirited artist, not a mom and wife with a 9-5 day job.

So when Angela met Zed, a rock star in the world of underground street artists, she couldn’t resist. She kissed him. And we’re still not sure we’re ready to forgive her for it quite yet.

Elsewhere during the episode, Booth (David Boreanaz) decided to try his hand at stand up comedy — with some interesting results. Look, we will love Agent Booth no matter what he does. But a word of advice for next time, Booth? Don’t let Sweets (John Francis Daley) get the final say on your comedy material.

You’ve seen the episode, now we want to know what you thought of it as a whole? Head below and sound off.

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