Credit: Fox Photo: Brennan and Booth Dance on Bones

With a month-long maternity hiatus on our shoulders and the Bones crew just now starting to wrap up Season 7, we fans of the best procedural ever are in TV no-man’s-land. We do have an upside, though: in addition to the fact that we’re at least in the same month as Bones’s return, we’ve got some precious info on what to expect when Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and the gang come back on the scene.

In the first place, there’s the episode 6 title: “The Crack in the Code.”  Here we’ll see Brennan, Booth (David Boreanaz), and Cam (Tamara Taylor) in front of the makings of a grisly scavenger hunt. What won’t we see?  One particularly disgusting scene, which even famously steel-stomached executive producer Stephen Nathan had to relegate to the DVD extras. And if that’s not enough, we can expect the culmination of Booth’s and Brennan’s longstanding house-hunting quest. And as David Boreanaz put it, where our dynamic duo winds up is “not your normal place.”

And this kind of venue — that is, the “not your normal” kind — seems to be emerging as a theme in Booth’s and Brennan’s burgeoning relationship. We’re referring, of course, to Season 7’s seventh episode, “The Prisoner in the Pipe,” which seems so far-off at this point in time as to appear mythical. Here Booth and Brennan will run into “The Deal Diva,” an extreme coupon-clipper who will no doubt freak Booth out but pique Brennan’s anthropological appetite.

Credit: Fox Photo: Bones Shovel Promo

Additionally, number 7 is the much-heralded episode in which Baby Bones finally makes her grand entrance... and according to all accounts, Brennan will board the labor train in prison! (Horrified fans can rest assured, however, that she won’t actually deliver in such a dismal locale.)

As for episode 8... well, we can give you a title — “The Bump in the Road” — but not much else. After all, if episode 7 is mythical, this one’s on some sort of supernatural, 2001-type plane. (That’s our romantic way of saying “spoilers to come later.”)

Now, granted, we do have a lot of information here, but not even a spoilers mountain can substitute for a bona-fide Bones episode! And as hard as we’re trying to spare Bones’s bosses from our wrath, it’s getting tougher with each passing day...but we’ll do our best to hunker down for the next week. Keep your powder dry, Bones-ios!


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