Credit: Patrick McElhenney/FOX. ©2012 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Are you ready to live-tweet tonight’s Bones?

According to TV Line, fans of Bones and other FOX shows should ready themselves for an on-screen hashtag invasion, because starting this week hashtags that revolve around key plot points in each episode will appear on screen during the show. This campaign will undoubtedly galvanize some Bones live-tweeting, while also putting the giddy-up in FOX’s shows chances to trend on Twitter.

A sneak preview of few of tonight’s Bones hashtags reveal some quasi-spoilerness:

We’re pretty sure that #blueman refers to Season 7, Episode 9 “The Don’t in the Do” victim du jour, a corpse mysteriously found dyed blue in the dump. But when does it rain birds? And who is Dr. Gomez?

Source: TVLine

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