Bones executive producer Stephen Nathan tweeted a couple of pictures that should have fans’ eyebrows raised to their respective hairlines. See exhibits A and B: two ostensible FBI signs directing visitors and agents alike to such colorful locations as “HOVER CRAFT GUNSHIP CHECKOUT” and “NUCLEAR LOCKUP.”

The really interesting part? Said hovercraft shares a wing with “EMPLOYEE DAYCARE,” and the nuke neighbors the cafeteria. Maybe Bones Jr. will learn some gunship etiquette in daycare in the next Bones episode. In fact, we’re kind of curious about this — after all, we’ve heard our share of the state-of-the-art Jeffersonian offspring depository, but nothing so far about any such institution at the FBI headquarters. Our guess?  Not as sophisticated, but stocked to the ceiling with donuts.

Oh, and also? What kind of barbaric institution puts the cafeteria in a restricted area?! No wonder Booth (David Boreanaz) has that “hungry look” so often!

Source: Twitter

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