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We’ve thrown out a lot of news for Bones Season 7, Episode 12: “The Suit on the Set” — arguably with good reason, as the concept of a Bones movie (even a facetious one) should set every fan’s heart a-palpitating.  But with Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) traipsing around in Hollywood, it’s been easy to forget what all the squints will be up to back at the Jeffersonian.

Well, wonder no more!  As it turns out, the Bones brains have not forgotten about little ol’ Washington, D.C. — and this is especially true regarding Cam (Tamara Taylor).  Folks at The TV Addict managed to get “a sneak peek of Cam’s costume” in episode 12, and apparently it’s a doozy!  We’re not sure if Halloween is coming to D.C. early or what, but we’re told that “a completely different side of the good doctor doesn’t begin to describe things.”

Pretty cryptic stuff here!  What do you think Cam’s going to wind up doing in episode 12?

Source: The TV Addict

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