Bones' eighth season is almost upon us, and we can't wait for the era of Brennan's (Emily Deschanel) triumphant blond wig! Mostly because it's completely hilarious.

We're so desperate for B&B action that we'll take any spoilery tidbit we can get (curse those elusive Bones producers!), and luckily director/executive producer Ian Toyton tweeted a couple juicy sneak peek photos from on set!

First up, we have David "Studly McStuderson" Boreanaz smokin' up the set of Bones in a pair of sexy sunnies. Lookin' good, Agent Booth!

Then we have a snapshot of an unusual guest star...namely, and ostrich. Hmmm, could this have something to do with the Crocodile Hunter-themed episode of Bones that's coming up next season? Because otherwise we're going to assume that Brennan and Booth have decided to adopt. 

Get ready for a fluffy baby brother, Christine!

Source: Ian Toynton on Twitter 

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